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Horizontal Self-Priming Spares

Among the products available from Anchor Pumps there is a wide range of Grundfos horizontal self priming spares. This includes a wide variety of spares for Grundfos' popular JP5 model of self-priming pump. The right spares can keep a pump operating at maximum efficiency and extend its overall operational life significantly.

Self-priming pumps are useful for a wide variety of applications. They are equally capable of handling liquids, gases, or mixtures of gas and liquid, and no extra external source of suction is necessary for evacuation of air from the suction pipe. Some liquid is then retained in a cavity at the suction end, allowing suction of liquid to begin immediately without any delay as liquid is taken into the system. Common applications include swimming pools, hot tubs, and other domestic or commercial settings involving large amounts of circulating water.

Grundfos are one of the most trusted and popular names in domestic and commercial pump applications. They are known for innovation, with much of the company's efforts spent developing new and ever more advanced products. Their pumps have a reputation for being highly effective, energy-efficient and reliable in the long term. We can supply a wide range of spares for Grundfos JP5 self priming pumps, such as seals and gaskets.

Horizontal Self-Priming Spares
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