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Unions, Valves and Flange Sets

All good plumbing solutions require a diverse flange kit with valves and flanges to fit a large number of configurations in any property. Flange kits contain a number of components for repairing any damage to flange faces such as corrosion or the isolation of different metals as a result of corrosion. They are specified to work at particular temperature and pressure ranges and for steel, alloy or other metal substrates. Most kits consist of a number of flange parts, washers, bolts and “O” rings.

These components should be able to seal a system carrying potable water, seawater, and waste water as well as fuels, air, cooling or heating mediums, open drains and even mud or cement mortar. flange isolation kit is a good solution that guarantees the safe flow of fluids through a pipeline system and is a cheaper solution than an isolation joint or other unions, as well as requiring little maintenance. This is the most commonly used method of controlling any losses in pipe work that may have been caused by corrosion. The kit usually consists of different types of gaskets. Some extend over the whole of the damaged flange’s external diameter. This way it can protect the flange from the ingress of any contaminating materials. Other gasket types fit inside the flange and centre inside a bolt circle.

The gasket materials can be made of synthetics such as neoprene and other phenolics or a stainless steel core that is covered with an epoxy laminate that itself is glass reinforced. This type of gasket is suitable for a highly corrosive environment such as one with a high concentration of carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulphide gases. Neoprene phenolic gaskets will operate in a temperature range of between -40 and +100 degrees C. Most flange isolation kits should not be used in temperatures higher than 120 degrees C.

Unions, Valves and Flange Sets
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