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NB Single Stage End Suction

Grundfos single stage end suction pumps are specifically designed for those industrial applications where large volumes of water or other liquids have to be shifted from one location to another. It is important that this task is accomplished with the greatest energy efficiency and reliability.

The Grundfos NB model is a close coupled single stage centrifugal pump. It has a motor and pump part built together to make a compact unit. The EFF 1 and 2 motors are high efficiency and explosion proof. The motors have a variable speed that can be adjusted to optimise the pump operation.

The pump performance is enhanced during the installation stage by ensuring a 100 per cent alignment. This is achieved with a special laser tool that is available from the Local Grundfos service supplier. The unit also comes with a range of shaft seals that are suitable for different liquids, pressures and temperatures.

The NB pump is also designed to have a back pull out system. This not only simplifies servicing, it makes it more cost effective as it allows for the removal of the impeller without the need of dismantling either the pump housing or the pipe work. The NB allows for the removal of the impeller as one unit.

The impellers are usually made of cast iron although there is an option available for customers who would like a bronze unit. An all bronze pump unit is available for those tasks that involve dealing with high salinity brackish water or seawater and other corrosive liquids.

Bearings on the NB pump are designed for a minimum 20,000 hours operational lifetime as long as the pump works under a normal load. There is no need for constant lubrication as the greasing is designed to last throughout the pump's working life.

NB Single Stage End Suction
NB Single Stage End Suction
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