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    Unimat Alpha Single Pump Pressurisation unit
    SKU: U29000300000
    MRRP £703.00 + VAT Our price £421.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £505.20
    Lowara Micro 6 + 6 Mini Vortex SL/BV + Panel (400v)
    SKU: 109439160GQ4JDX
    MRRP £3,420.00 + VAT Our price £1,400.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £1,680.00
    Saniflo Sanisuite Macerator for single toilet and basin 240v
    SKU: 1124
    MRRP £240.00 + VAT Our price £180.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £216.00
    Lowara Micro 10 Domo 15 Pumping Station
    SKU: FL05589336BNXXX
    MRRP £4,000.00 + VAT Our price £1,200.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £1,440.00
    Grundfos STR2-2.0C Regenerative Twin Impeller Pump
    SKU: 98950217
    MRRP £290.00 + VAT Our price £97.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £116.40
    Lutz B2 Vario PP 700mm Drum Pump 110v
    SKU: 0201-524
    MRRP £401.00 + VAT Our price £290.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £348.00
    MAGNA3 Variable Speed Circulator
    SKU: 97924298
    MRRP £2,843.00 + VAT Our price £1,564.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £1,876.80
    Conlift 1 / Conlift 2 Web Ready Condensate Pump
    SKU: 97936174
    MRRP £425.00 + VAT Our price £140.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £168.00
    Complete Flood Kit
    SKU: AFK1001
    MRRP £310.00 + VAT Our price £93.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £111.60
    Complete Flood Kit
    SKU: 4145327
    MRRP £269.00 + VAT Our price £80.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £96.00
    CPL SE20B (130) Domestic Secondary Hot Water Circulator Pump 240V
    SKU: 4178916
    MRRP £145.00 + VAT Our price £87.00 (+ VAT) Incl. VAT: £104.40

Trade Store

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Here at Anchor Pumps, we listen to our customers requests. After to speaking to many of our loyal customers, it was apparent that we required a Trade Store that customers could come and pick up their online orders or order to take away the same day.

As we are one of few pump distributors that hold stock on site and over 2 Million held in stock. We have everything from domestic shower pumps or circulators to larger commercial circulators and vertical multistages for that urgent job that just can't wait for delivery.

If you need us to check stock, please call us on 0800 112 3134.

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We supply industrial and domestic pumps for a wide range of applications and environments. As the UKs leading pump distributor, we specialize in domestic and industrial pumps, including shower pumps, booster pumps, heating pumps and submersible pumps.

The industrial pumps we supply have been installed in a variety of industrial environments, from factories to new accommodation and commercial properties. Anchor Pumps supply a broad range of industrial pumps. Our range covers some of the most trusted brands in the marketplace, including Grundfos, Blagdon, Lowara and Calpeda pumps to name a few. We also stock pumps from other manufacturers including Flowserve, Gormann-Rupp,

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