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Lowara P Series

The Lowara P Series range of peripheral pumps – the P, PSA and PAB versions – are designed to be capable of developing high heads using low powered motors. Their applications are:

  • • Water distribution
  • • Washing
  • • Boiler functions
  • • Hot water systems
  • • Pressure boosting
  • • Irrigation
  • • Chilling and cooling

There are also PB versions available that that have a bronze pump body suitable for sea water pumping operations. A further PK model is designed to pump hot water up to +80 degrees C. The PBK version also has a bronze pump body that is suitable fro use with hot water up to temperatures of +80 degrees C. Specifications

  • • Liquid delivery of up to 3.72 cubic metres per hour
  • • A maximum head of up t 82 metres
  • • A power supply of three phase and single phase 50 and 60 Hz
  • • A power rating ranging from 0.3 kW to 1.1 kW
  • • A maximum operating pressure of 8 bar for most models though this rises to 10 bar for the PSA Series models
  • • The temperature of the pumped liquid can rage between -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C for the whole of the P Series. This extends to -10 degrees C to +80 degrees C for the PSA, PAB and PABLB Series
  • • A maximum ambient operating temperature of +40 degrees C


  • • The pump body is cast iron in the P-PSA Series and bronze on the PB, PAB, PABLB Series
  • • The adaptor is cast iron in the P-PSA Series and bronze in the PB-PAB-PABLB Series
  • • The impeller is bronze in all models
  • • Mechanical seals are a Ceramic/carbon/NBR composite
  • • Fill plugs are all made of brass
Lowara P Series
Lowara P Series
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