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Lowara DOMO Submersibles

The Lowara DOMO series of submersible pumps for solid laden waste water are designed to pump domestic sewage and waste water from residential buildings to the sewer mains or to a pressurised sewer network. The pump body is made of cast iron while the impeller is made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The grinder in the pump works to cut solid material in the sewage into small bits that can pass through the impeller and discharge pipes. There are very low risks of clogging and it is easy to adjust the grinder system.

The pumps are designed to handle suspended solids of up to 50 mm diameter although this maximum diameter is 35 mm in the DOMO 7 and DOMO 7VX models. There are four models in the range with power ratings ranging between 0.55 and 1.5 kW. Versions with or without a float switch are available. The full range of applications of the DOMO pumps is:

  • • Emptying of septic tanks and residential sumps
  • • Pumping of effluent
  • • Emptying tanks and wells in industrial and environmental tasks
  • • Emptying reservoirs and tanks
  • • Emergency draining in flooded areas


  • • Fluid delivery capacity of up to 40 cubic metres per hour
  • • A head of up to 14.5 metres
  • • Single and three phase power supply at 50 and 60 Hz
  • • Power rating of between 0.55 to 1.5 kW
  • • Maximum immersion depth of up to 5 metres
  • • Free passage up to 50 mm
  • • Maximum, liquid temperature of 35 degrees Celsius
  • • The 230V capacity pumps have a 3-pin U.K. electric plug
  • • A power cable of 10 metres
Lowara DOMO Submersibles
Lowara DOMO Submersibles
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