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MAGNA (UPE/D) Pumps & Spares

The Magna / UPE pumps are a range of small, medium and large circulator pumps. They are used to circulate liquids within heating systems in apartments, schools, hospitals, residential properties, hotels and manufacturing sites.

A MAGNA pump can be used in different systems:
-       Where a constant or variable flow is used and it's necessary to optimise the pump duty point
-       Where there are variable flow-pipe temperatures
-       Where there's a need for night setback

These pumps are fitted with communication equipment and motors with electronic speed control utilising permanent magnet and compact stator motor technology. These help to generate greater energy savings than other speed-controlled circulator pumps and optimise pump efficiency.

The MAGNA range is an innovative group of circulator pumps; each of which are simple to install and operate. They can be easily fitted into new and existing systems using threaded or flange connections. They provide users with the ability to monitor and control them externally through expansion modules and feature a wireless remote control.

There's no need to change the pump settings, as it can be left on the factory setting, AUTOADAPT. The pump will assess the heating system itself and then decide on the best setting. It will monitor demand and change the setting as appropriate. This maintains a comfortable level for users, whilst minimising energy consumption.

This range of pumps is durable and long lasting, providing a maintenance free solution. They provide flexibility and reliability and keep noise levels to a minimum when in operation.

The MAGNA range:

Single pumps, cast iron
MAGNA 25-60
MAGNA 25-100
MAGNA 32-60
MAGNA 32-100
MAGNA 32-100 F
MAGNA 32-120 F
MAGNA 40-100 F
MAGNA 40-120 F
MAGNA 50-60 F
MAGNA 50-100 F
MAGNA 50-120 F
MAGNA 65-60 F
MAGNA 65-120 F

Single pumps, stainless steel
MAGNA 32-60 N
MAGNA 32-100 N
MAGNA 32-120 FN
MAGNA 40-120 FN
MAGNA 50-60 FN
MAGNA 50-120 FN
MAGNA 65-60 FN
MAGNA 65-120 FN

Twin pumps, cast iron
MAGNA-D 40-100 F
MAGNA-D 32-120 F
MAGNA-D 40-120 F
MAGNA-D 50-60 F
MAGNA-D 50-120 F
MAGNA-D 65-60 F
MAGNA-D 65-120 F

MAGNA (UPE/D) Pumps & Spares
MAGNA (UPE/D) Pumps & Spares
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