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CM/CMB(E)/CME Horizontal Multi-Stage Booster Pumps

Grundfos CM pumps are horizontal, multi stage, non self priming, end suction centrifugal pumps. They are of a closed coupled type and fitted with mains operated motors and have mechanical shaft seals.

The CM pumps have been developed for a wide variety of applications and customer demands and are available in various sizes and a number of stages to provide an accurate flow and pressure. Some typical applications are:

-       Cleaning and washing operations that involve pumping water with soap or other cleaning agents. A typical application would be the degreasing and washing of industrial equipment, in vehicle washing tunnels or in mobile washing units.
-       Water treatment where they can be used as feed pumps or booster pumps. These may be in desalination, distillation, softening, ionising and demineralising systems as well as in swimming pools.
-       Temperature control where a CM pump circulates a liquid in a closed loop that consists of a cooling or a heating element for optimising temperature specific processes. An example is the control of chilling equipment in the food processing industry.
-       Pressure boosting operations where the liquid has to be delivered at a specified pressure and on demand. One common application is the provision of drinking water or in process water systems. There are other applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in distilling systems.

CM pumps have an integrated, modular design that makes it easy to formulate a number of variants using standard parts and develop a customised pump. CM pumps also comply with a European Union Directive No. 547/2012 in which the pumps are classified and graduated under a new energy efficient index.

CM/CMB(E)/CME Horizontal Multi-Stage Booster Pumps
CM/CMB(E)/CME Horizontal Multi-Stage Booster Pumps
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