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Lowara SHOE Solids Handling Pumps

The Lowara SHO Series of solids handling centrifugal pumps have open impellers and flanged connections. There are three versions depending on the type of motor-pump coupling:

  • • The SHOE model is close coupled using a bracket with an impeller keyed directly to the motor shaft extension
  • • The SHOS version has a bracket, an adaptor and a rigid coupling keyed to the standard motor shaft extension
  • • The SHOD version has a double mechanical seal. The bracket, adapter and rigid coupling are keyed to the standard motors shaft extension


  • • Industrial washing machine
  • • Metal parts washing and metal surface treatment
  • • Dyeing and textile industry plants
  • • Commercial dishwashers
  • • Plants that use the circulation and transfer of moderately viscous liquids with a light, chemical aggressiveness


  • • The SHO series consists of single stage centrifugal pumps manufactured in pressed AISI 316 stainless steel with open and recessed impellers that are made of AISI CF8M stainless steel and cased in AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • • The liquid delivery is up to 56 cubic metres per hour in the 2-pole models and 54 m3 [pert hour ion the 4-polemodel
  • • The head is up to 50 metres in the 2-pole model and 12 metres in the 4-pole model
  • • The temperature range of the pumped liquid should be -10 degrees C to +120 degrees C in the standard pump version
  • • A maximum working pressure of 12 bar
  • • Suspended solids can be handled up to diameters of 20 to 22 mm in the DN25 and DN32 nominal size models, up to 30mm diameter for models in DN40 nominal sizes and up to 40 mm for models in DN50 nominal sizes.

The motor is a three-phase, asynchronous, squirrel cage rotor, in an enclosed constriction with external ventilation. Lowara motors are also provided with condensation drainage plugs.

Lowara SHOE Solids Handling Pumps
Lowara SHOE Solids Handling Pumps
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