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We are accredited UK suppliers of pumps from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including the German company Lutz-Jesco. Lutz Jesco make a variety of products, including flow meters, container pumps, double diaphragm and drum pumps, dosing pumps and chemical centrifugal pumps, to suit all commercial and domestic needs.

Your requirements can be catered for whether they are large volume applications or single shower units, sanitation, the delivery of water to a home or a swimming pool.

Flow meters are used for loading bulk liquids with maximum precision and optimum safety. They can be operated mechanically, magnetically or hydraulically and are designed with sensors and controllers to satisfy even the most challenging applications. Economical to use, they are suitable for water and aggressive liquids.

For transferring corrosive and flammable liquids between drums and other vessels, Lutz-Jesco have a range of container pumps which remove fluids safely. They are also perfect for the perfume and cosmetic industries and are easy to maintain.

Double diaphragm pumps offer reliable solutions for handling flows at low pressure for difficult liquids, both above and below ground. They are an ideal hygienic solution in food processing and for thick fluids such as oils and paints.

The three variants of chemical centrifugal pumps come as block, submerged vertical and standard. Those with magnetic couplings are designed to make leakage almost impossible, as the mechanical parts are sealed to prevent contact with the medium.

We also stock many kinds of accessories and spare parts for all Lutz Jesco pumps.

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