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Anchor Pumps

    Why Is My Central Heating Not Working? (Expert Guide)

    If your central heating has stopped working, then you’re no doubt in a state of panic. No heating, no hot water and a cold winter evening can lead to a rough night and an even rougher morning. But before you panic, jump on the phone to a plumber and fork out hundreds of pounds on an emergency call out, there... Read more

    Replacing a Shower Pump: The Complete Guide

    This is the complete guide to finding a replacement for a broken shower pump. So, if you want to: - Find an exact replacement shower pump - Find a higher pressure replacement shower pump - Find an energy-efficient replacement shower pump Or you want to save money when buying a new shower pump, then you’ll love this guide. Let’s get... Read more

    Energy Optimisation: Reduce the Energy Consumption of Your Business

    Pumps are a vital component in ensuring your business runs smoothly. Installed in a variety of applications, from the heart of your business to the canteen, pumps are often the forgotten backbone - supporting nearly all aspects of an operation. But, they come at a price. Aside from the cost of purchase, 85% of the total costs of a pump... Read more

    How to Install a Shower Pump (Expert Guide)

    Showers are a vital component in ensuring an invigorating morning shower. Installed alongside a storage or break tank, a shower pump is the heart of your shower system, boosting the water pressure experienced at your shower head. But if this is your first shower pump, or you want to install a shower pump without a plumber, you will probably find... Read more

    Best Water Pumps to help Water the Garden (Expert Guide)

    Keeping your garden well fed with frequent doses of water is vital to a healthy, blooming garden. But if you have a large garden with low water pressure, keeping your garden watered can be a real backache. You can see it now. Stood at the kitchen tap, filling a large green watering can, only to lug it around the garden... Read more

    How to Keep Your Grass Green During Hot Summer Weather (Expert Guide)

    A lush green garden is an obsession for many Brits. Symbolising care, dedication and hard work, a properly maintained and finely shorn lawn is a hot conversation starter at family BBQs. And watching people fawn over your lawn can offer a real sense of pride to a dedicated gardener. But if the weather warms up, a heatwave hits and the... Read more

    What Speed to Set a Central Heating Pump (Expert Guide)

    So you’ve bought a central heating pump. You’ve installed it. And now you need to get it working. But if this is your first time setting up a central heating pump, you will no doubt be confused by the variety of speed settings available. “Why do central pumps have variable speed settings?”, “Is there a special speed setting for my... Read more

    Central Heating Pumps Explained (Expert Guide)

    A central heating pump is a small mechanical tool installed on your central heating system, which allows you to pump hot water around your home efficiently. But if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of a central heating pump, or you’re replacing a boiler pump for the first time, the vast number of central heating pumps on offer... Read more

    Best Central Heating Pumps (Expert Guide)

    If you are in the market for a central heating pump, then take a look at our recommended options below. All these pumps have been tested by our in-house engineers and are the best central heating pumps available on the market. The criteria our engineers tested against to find the highest quality central heating pumps were the following: Energy efficient... Read more

    How Do I Size a Central Heating Pump? (Expert Guide)

    One of the most common questions we get here at Anchor Pump is: “How do I choose the correct central heating pump size for my home?” A few times we’ve even had customers sending us pipe layout diagrams, boiler metrics and insulation ratings. We say, enough. Choosing a central heating pump for the average home is not that complicated. Unless... Read more

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