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    Does a Bigger Garden Mean a Happier Life? (Data-Led Study)

    We all love spending time in our garden. Whether it’s for sunbathing on those few precious British summer days. Gardening to ensure our flower beds look just as pretty as the neighbours. Or even just for enjoying a few evening gins with a sunset. The garden is a little area of escape, where the world of work and worries can’t... Read more

    How to Build an Easy Garden Irrigation System (Expert Guide)

    Water is a crucial element in the health of your lawn and garden plants. Fail to provide enough water and your garden will start to die. Provide too much water and your grass will become ridden with spores and disease. But as you know, ensuring your garden is well-fed with water can be backbreaking work. Lugging a watering can around... Read more

    Watering Your Lawn: Everything You Need to Know

      This is the complete guide to watering your lawn in the UK. If you’re wondering: What is the best time to water my lawn? How often should I water my lawn? How long should I water my lawn? How do I tell if my lawn has been watered enough? Or even just want to find the best, most-efficient way... Read more

    How to Garden and Grow Plants Under a Hosepipe Ban (Expert Guide)

    Ahh… the good old British summer. You can picture it now… Grey skies, three days of drizzle, maybe a thunderstorm or two, and occasionally, just occasionally, blue skies and dry heat that is a match for any Greek holiday resort. But, just as you start to enjoy those few glorious sunny days in the garden, the inevitable happens: Hosepipe Ban... Read more

    What Bar Shower Pump Do I Need? (Expert Guide)

    The bar size shower pump you need will be determined by the pressure requirements of your home. You need to consider: The size of the showerhead Size of your home The amount of water in your storage tank You need to consider each of these factors carefully before purchasing a shower pump. It may seem like a good idea to... Read more

    How to Bleed a Shower Pump (Expert Guide)

    This is the expert guide to bleeding your shower pump. If your pump is: Pulsing Making excessive noise Fluctuating in temperature or even just performing inadequately, it’s likely you have an airlock somewhere in the system. So, if you want to bleed that air out of the pump, this is the guide for you. Do I Need to Bleed My... Read more

    How Much More Did We Spend on Utility Bills Working From Home?

    Working from home is a controversial subject in the UK. Ask one person, they’ll say it's the future of working and that only by offering remote work can a business remain competitive for the best employees. Ask another, they’ll tell you about the havoc working from home will wreak on the wider economy that relies on office workers once this... Read more

    The Most Common Name for a Plumber (Expert Study)

      Plumbers have lots of nicknames. Pipey is one you hear often. Mario is occasionally thrown about by other tradies. Super Mario, if you’re any good with a spanner. And leaky is another one, although we’re not sure if this one is meant quite as affectionately. While us tradies often have a variety of nicknames, the discussion about names got... Read more

    Best Flood Prevention Products (Expert Guide)

    Floods can come quickly and fiercely. One minute you’re hanging out the washing, the next you’re battling a torrent of gushing water. To help you defend your home from floods, we’ve created a list of the best flood prevention products for your home. Each flood defence product has been tested in a real-life flooding event and is guaranteed to offer... Read more

    What to Do If Your Basement Floods (Expert Guide)

    This is the complete guide to removing water from a flooded basement. It covers: How to flood-proof your basement How to remove water from your basement safely How to dry a flooded basement So, if you want a water-free basement, then you’ll love this guide. Let’s get started. How to Flood-Proof Your Basement? Of course, the best way to remove... Read more

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