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    How to Keep a Garden Water Fountain Clean (Expert Guide)

    A water fountain is a glorious addition to any garden. The subtle sound of flowing water can provide a sense of calm and tranquillity. The birds chirping as they bathe brings a deeper connection with nature. And the blossoming plants, critters and amphibians provide a self-sustaining ecosystem for a variety of nature and wildlife. But, if this is your first... Read more

    What Size Pump Do You Need For Your Water Feature? (Expert Guide)

    This is the expert guide to water feature pump sizing. It covers: What flow rate does my water feature pump need? What max head does my water feature pump need? What cable length does my water feature pump need? So, if you're struggling to figure out which pump is right for your project, this is the guide for you. Let's... Read more

    How to Make a Garden Water Fountain

    This is the expert guide to making a water fountain in your garden. It covers: Anatomy of a garden water fountain Tools you will need to build a garden fountain How to make a garden water fountain So, if you want to build a soothing water structure in your backyard without breaking the bank, this is the guide for you... Read more

    Is It Raining More? (Expert Study)

    The weather is an ingrained part of British culture. If it rains, we love nothing more than protesting for sunnier days. If the temperature edges above 20c, we grumble about just how inconsiderately hot the sun is. And if it snows… we close schools, roads and everyone loses their minds. One topic that always gets us talking (whingeing) is rain... Read more

    How Does a Sump Pump Work (Expert Guide)

    This is the expert guide to all things sump pumps. It covers: What is a sump pump How does a sump pump work Pedestal sump pump vs Submersible sump pump Do I need a sump pump So, if you’ve ever experienced severe flooding and you hear people talking about how a sump pump saved their home, this guide will show... Read more

    What are the different types of showers? (Expert Guide)

    This is the expert guide to choosing a shower. It covers: What are the different types of showers available What are the benefits of the different shower types Which shower is right for my home So, if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all the different shower types available, this guide will help you understand your water pressure from your... Read more

    How to Fit a Water Butt (Expert Guide)

    This is the complete guide to installing a water butt. It covers: How to choose a water butt How to install a water butt Best ways to use a water butt So, if you’re tired of watching the April showers drain away before being hit with hosepipe bans in May and June, then this guide will help you save money... Read more

    The Salamander EVE - Exclusively at Anchor Pumps

    Shower pumps can be complicated tools. Not only do you have to figure out whether you need a positive or negative pump, but you also need to work out things like: “What bar pressure shower pump do I need?” “Do I need a pressure vessel?” “Am I boosting hot or cold shower water, or both?” If you’re a plumber, these... Read more

    Does a Bigger Garden Mean a Happier Life? (Data-Led Study)

    We all love spending time in our garden. Whether it’s for sunbathing on those few precious British summer days. Gardening to ensure our flower beds look just as pretty as the neighbours. Or even just for enjoying a few evening gins with a sunset. The garden is a little area of escape, where the world of work and worries can’t... Read more

    How to Build an Easy Garden Irrigation System (Expert Guide)

    Water is a crucial element in the health of your lawn and garden plants. Fail to provide enough water and your garden will start to die. Provide too much water and your grass will become ridden with spores and disease. But as you know, ensuring your garden is well-fed with water can be backbreaking work. Lugging a watering can around... Read more

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