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At Anchor Pumps, we offer an extensive range of high-quality macerator pumps at affordable prices. All our macerator pumps are sourced from the UK’s top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. Brands that we stock include:

These brands are all recognised as the world’s leading macerator pump manufacturers.

What is a macerator pump?

Macerator pumps are a type of toilet waste pumping system that provides a convenient method for disposing of food and sanitary wastewater into drains and public sewers. These pumps can work efficiently in most domestic sanitary facilities, such as toilets, shower trays, dishwashers and washing machines.

How does a macerator pump work?

Macerator pumps can be used in two different sanitary waste systems. These are:

  • Flushing Toilet Waste Water
  • Flushing Kitchen Or Utility Room Waste

They work in different ways.

Flushing Toilet Waste Water

The toilet flush will activate the pump automatically. The pump grinds down the waste and dispatches it to a sewer up to 50 metres away. It can also dispatch waste vertically over a distance of four metres.

Flushing Kitchen Or Utility Room Waste

The same process will work for a macerator waste pump in a kitchen or utility room that is located away from a drainage line. The pump will move waste up to 50 metres horizontally and four metres vertically, or a sloping combination distance of the two.

What are the benefits of installing a macerator pump?

A macerator pump is a practical solution to a variety of problems. The benefits include:

Environmentally friendly

Macerating food waste and flushing to the sewer system is far better for the environment than the traditional bin and landfill method.

Easier to install

If you have no existing underground drainage lines, a macerator toilet pump is an ideal solution to your problem. Removing the need to rip flooring or break building regulations, a macerator toilet is quicker and easier to install than a regular toilet.

Reduce utility bills

Macerator pumps are more energy efficient and waste less water than regular toilets as they only flush when the tank is full.

The Latest Macerator Technology

Macerators in the UK have developed rapidly over the last 5 years with a variety of pumping brands now competing in the dirty water market. As a result, the technology that allows you to upflush waste has vastly improved with more heavy duty products available.

If you’re searching for a reliable toilet macerator pump, look no further than Saniflo. Available in a range of colour to match your bathroom, Saniflo macerator pumps can be installed unobtrusively anywhere, such as behind the toilet itself or behind a wash basin.

Alternatively, for a powerful and resilient domestic macerator pump that is unlikely to break, check out the Grundfos Sololift 2 macerator pump. With a design that has been adapted from industrial uses, this pump includes a self-cleaning grinder and tank that removes the need to use environmentally harmful chemical cleaners. Plus, with a tank floor that is designed with a slope, this pump avoids a build-up of waste at the bottom of the tank.

Finally, for a trustworthy but affordable macerator pump brand, check out the Stuart Turner Wasteflo sanitary pumps. Available for toilets, hand basins and baths, this pump is high on quality, low on cost.

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