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Horizontal Multi-Stage

Horizontal Pumps are designed to be mounted and used in a horizontal position. MultiStage Pumps usually have two or more cylinders, such as in a push-pull configuration and may also incorporate a transfer, or S, tube in order to control in-put flow rates.

The most widely use design of horizontal pump has to be the End Suction, this works by the liquid entering the forward end of the pump housing and exiting perpendicular to this. These are particularly suited to the transport of fluids, such as water. Types of Horizontal MultiStage Pumps include two-piston pumps with transfer tube, seat valves and ball valves.

Two cylinder piston pumps with S-tubes are suitable for concrete and mortar but can also transport coal and minerals when in a suspension. Seat valve pumps are suitable for the pumping of material with solid contents of up to 50% and for the high-pressure pumping of paste-like industrial media such as sludges. The two-cylinder ball valve pump is also suitable for pumping paste-like or highly liquid media but in lower pressure situations. They can also handle some solids, always provided that the value openings are large enough.

A ball valve pump is highly resistant to abrasive and corrosive materials since the ball valves do not have to be closed or opened from the outside. In certain situations the priming of horizontal pumps can be an issue, although many applications are self-priming, including Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps.

There is a good selection of quality pump manufacturers to choose from, including such leading brand names as; Grundfos, Lowara, Flygt, KSB, Mono and ABS.

Horizontal Multi-Stage
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