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Drum Pumps

At Anchor Pumps, we stock a comprehensive range of drum pumps with a fully integrated suite of accessories. Helping you make short work of liquid transfer, all our drum pumps are sourced from Lutz. Synonymous with safe, effective handling of fluid transfers, Lutz is the only drum pump brand that provides the robust and high-quality performance our customers expect.

What is a drum pump?

A drum pump is a large mechanical tool that is ideal for pumping liquids from and filling canisters, drums and containers with thin-bodied, free-flowing and viscous liquids. Suitable for stationary or mobile use, drum pumps ensure the safe dispensing and transferring of liquids.

There are three different drum pumps available. These are:

  • Diesel fuel and oil hand pumps
    Traditional drum pumps are designed for machine oil, mineral oil, anti-freeze and water. These hand pumps are usually found in manufacturing facilities where heavy machinery needs to be frequently refuelled.
  • Flammable manual pumps
    These pumps are specifically designed for dispensing flammable solvents safely. Made from either die cast or stainless steel, these pumps or pump tubes should be used when handling potentially dangerous or volatile substances.
  • Concentrated acid pumps (polypropylene pump)
    If you’re dispensing acid, alkali or other chemical corrosives, it’s crucial that you use a concentrated acid pump. Explicitly designed for strong chemical abrasives, these pump sets have special pump motors that allow for the safe, efficient transfer of acidic liquids.
  • It’s important that you purchase the correct pump for the type of hazardous material you intend to handle.

    Lutz Pumps

    Lutz offers over 50 years’ experience in the pumping industry and contributes to the safe handling of fluids and the protection of the environment worldwide.

    We supply the complete range of Lutz Vario pumps which are a cost-effective alternative to hand pumps and offer infinitely variable speed control to allow the controlled transfer of liquids in all situations.

    Lutz pump sets are suitable for handling a wide range of fluids including acids, alkalis, mineral oils and solvents.

    Anchor Pumps can offer guaranteed stock of our full range of Lutz pumps, all with free UK delivery and guaranteed price match and a one year warranty.

    Our customer service is unmatched as our independent 5-star customer reviews can attest. For liquid transfer pumping needs, you can depend on Anchor Pumps to have the right pump for the job.


    If you would like to learn more about our selection of drum pumps, please contact us by phone or request a callback.

Drum Pumps
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