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At Anchor Pumps, we offer an extensive range of high-quality shower pumps at affordable prices. All our shower pumps are sourced from the UK’s top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. Brands that we stock include:

These brands are all recognised as the world’s leading water pressure pump manufacturers.

What is a shower pump?

A shower pump is a small mechanical tool that connects to your home plumbing system and can be used to increase the thrust at which water exits the shower head. Designed to work in houses with low-pressure systems, shower pumps are the ideal solution to increase the flow rate of your shower, improving your shower experience.

Do I need a shower pump?

Shower pumps are designed to provide the necessary boost to restricted water flow in order to improve the performance of your shower. A shower pump is an ideal solution if you have any of the following problems.

Shower room located on the same level or above the cold water tank

Providing adequate water pressure to a shower located in a loft conversion can be a real problem. This is due to the cold water tank being located below or at the same level as the shower head. In this scenario, a negative head shower pump would be an ideal solution.

The shower flow rate is less than 1 litre per 6 seconds

If you have performed a water pressure test and you’re operating at less than 1 litre of water per 6 seconds from the shower head, then a shower pump is an ideal solution to your problem.

Low water pressure at both my hot and cold water taps

If you’re experiencing issues with both your hot and cold water supplies, a single-head pump is an ideal solution.

Low water pressure at either my hot or water taps

If you’re only experiencing pressure issues with one water supply, a twin shower pump is an ideal solution that can work with the cold and hot water supplies separately.

Do I need a positive or negative head shower pump?

Shower pumps in the UK are designed to be compatible with two types of gravity fed systems. These are:

To figure out which system you have, all you need to do is understand the location of your cold water tank to your shower head.

If the cold water tank is more than 600mm above the shower head, then you have a positive head system. In this system, you will need a positive head shower pump.

If the cold water tank is less than 600mm above the shower head, then you have a negative (universal) head system. In this system, you will need a negative head shower pump or universal (works in both positive and negative head systems) head shower pump.

The Latest Shower Pump Technology

No matter what your current system is, we have a pump that can improve the overall performance of your particular shower. As well as the wide choice we offer, we can also guarantee that all our shower pump products have been specially designed, built and tested to ensure maximum safety, high quality and durability.

For the quietest shower pump on the market, make sure you check out the Salamander CT50 Force range. Using patented NVR technology and anti-vibration feet, the CT force range is one of the quietest booster pumps on the market.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for trusted quality and performance, look no further than the Grundfos Amazon range. Made from brass components and nicknamed the “ultra quiet”, this collection is undoubtedly one of Grundfos’ finest.

Finally, if you’re looking for a pump that combines performance excellence with little or no noise, look no further than the Stuart Turner Monsoon range. Low voltage, brass-bodied and built with anti-vibration feet, the Monsoon is one of the best shower pumps ever made.

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