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Condensate Pumps

Condensate pumps are normally centrifugal pumps that are powered by electricity and are found in hydronic systems. In the home condensate pumps are found in heating systems whereas they are found in air conditioning systems in large commercial settings. They can also be used to condensate steam in large commercial settings. In industrial settings the condensate that is formed should be treated with care as it can contain many impurities, especially if chemicals are being used.

Condensate pumps have a reservoir or tank where condensation is collected and this water then in turn will raise a float switch that turns the pump on, the pump then runs until the water level is lowered back to a level where the float turns the pump off.

Boiler condensate pumps have thermal overload and high level alarms fitted in them. These pumps are controlled using the floating switch system turning the pump on when condensate reaches a set level in the tank to discharge the liquid to a sufficient level. These pumps also prevent any of the condensate from returning back to the pump. The condensate is formed in boilers due to the temperature difference between the flue and the boiler.

Air condensation pumps use similar principles to the boiler pump and are used in air conditioning systems. In large commercial air conditioning systems the use of a condensate pump can prevent the impurities of any condensation that is formed circulating through the air conditioning system.

Condensate Pumps
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