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Condensate Pumps

At Anchor Pumps, we stock a wide range of high-quality condensate pumps at affordable prices. All our products are sourced from top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. Brands that we stock include:

  • Saniflo
  • Stuart Turner
  • Grundfos

These brands are all recognised as the world’s leading pump manufacturers.

What is a condensate pump?

A condensate pump is a small mechanical tool installed on a heating, cooling or refrigeration system which allows you to drain acidic wastewater away from your property.

How does it work?

Condensate that is formed in boilers or air conditioners can contain many impurities. It’s important these impurities are drained away from your home. Condensate pumps have a reservoir or tank where condensation is collected. As the water is collected, the float switch will rise. When the float reaches a certain level, the pump is designed to turn on. The pump will then clear the accumulated water until the water level is lowered back to a suitable level.

Industry specific condensate

Condensate pumps are normally centrifugal pumps and are found in a range of hydronic systems. These include:

  • Heating Systems
    In the home, hot water condensate pumps are usually found in condensing boiler heating systems. If your boiler was installed after 2005, you will be legally required to have a condensing boiler installed in your home.
  • Air Conditioning Systems
    In commercial settings, condensate pumps are found in air conditioning systems. They can also be used to condensate steam in large commercial settings like laundrettes.
  • Industrial Heating Systems
    In industrial settings, the condensate that is formed should be treated with care as it can contain many impurities, especially if chemicals are being used. In large commercial air conditioning systems, the use of a condensate pump can prevent impurities from circulating through the air conditioning system.
  • The latest technology
    At Anchor Pumps, we are the one-stop choice for all your condensate pump technology. All our condensate pumps are built with the latest technology ensuring your complete safety and security. For example, all our boiler condensate pumps have thermal overload and high-level alarms fitted. These pumps can alert you to the potential of condensate overflow or boiler faults.

All our condensate pumps are controlled using the floating switch system. This saves you time and money, ensuring the pump is turned on when the condensate reaches a set level.

We only stock pumps with high-quality tank systems. These tanks prevent any condensate from returning back to the pump.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of condensate pumps, please contact us by phone or request a callback.

Condensate Pumps
Condensate Pumps
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