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MPC(M) Compact Pool Pumps

Calpeda's range of MPC Compact Pool Pumps is suitable for domestic uses. They can be used to circulate water within filtration systems in pools and are suitable for clean water or liquids with suspended solids. They are available with either a 240v or 415v motor and are fitted with a built-in strainer. The self-priming pumps have a motor that is insulated from the water that is pumped through the system.

The Calpeda pool pumps are manufactured from a durable plastic that offers resistance from corrosion and sand erosion. The stainless-steel diffuser uses a peripheral-longitudinal flow. This enables it to perform a faster self-priming function. The pump's built-in strainer cover is manufactured from a transparent polycarbonate which is extremely strong. The strainer basket has the capacity for two litres of liquid. The pump casing is made from reinforced glass. For an extra level of safety, the mechanical seal within the pump has no contact with its shaft. The pump has a three-phase motor that utilises a two-pole induction system.

The MPC pool pumps can be used where the water temperature is no greater than 60 degrees Celsius and the ambient temperature reaches a maximum of 40 degrees. The maximum allowed pressure is 2.5 bar. Calpeda is an Italian manufacturer of pumps which is well known for the quality and durability of its products. They demonstrate an excellent commitment to developing technology and innovation within the market. They have invested heavily in research and development, enabling them to take advantage of the latest developments to produce highly reliable and efficient machines.

MPC(M) Compact Pool Pumps
MPC(M) Compact Pool Pumps
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