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NMP(M) Pool Pumps

Calpeda manufactures a range of swimming pool pumps, including their NMP models. These centrifugal pumps are produced with 240v and 415v motors. They are used to circulate water within pool filtration systems and are suitable for both clean water and liquids with small amounts of solids. The NMP close-coupled pumps can be fitted into both commercial and domestic settings. They are self-priming pumps with built-in strainers.

These swimming pool pumps are manufactured with the lanter bracket and pump casing made from a choice of cast iron or bronze. This offers users more flexibility, as they are suitable for use with a number of different liquids. The inner basket contains 3mm holes. The filter is produced in stainless steel. It is quick and simple to remove, which enables regular maintenance and cleaning to take place without any issues. The NMP pumps have a patented guard. The component’s innovative design stops it touching the rotating parts, providing a high level of protection for users. This design enables the mechanical seal to be accessed for routine inspections.

NMP swimming pool pumps can be used in environments where the water temperature reaches a maximum of 60C. They will work in settings where the ambient temperature gets no higher than 40C. The pumps have a maximum total suction lift of 7m and the allowed working pressure can reach 6 bar. They are a durable pump and can be relied on in any situation. The design and positing of the bearing and shaft help to reduce stress on the system and provide a more efficient pump.

NMP(M) Pool Pumps
NMP(M) Pool Pumps
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