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NM(M) Flanged End Suction

The Calpeda NM Series of centrifugal pumps are close-coupled type pumps that have flanged connections. The electrically-powered motor is connected directly to the pump by means of an extended shaft for motors up to a power rating of 30 kW. Standard motors between 37 and 75 kW have a bracket construction that incorporates a thrust bearing integrated into the structure. The flanges' connections comply with PN 10 and EN 1092-2 standards. There are also counter flanges that are available on customer request:

  • • For pump models NM 32 to NM 50, these are screwed flanges that comply with EN 1092-1 and PN 16 standards
  • • For pump models NM65 to MNS 100, these are flanges that can be welded and comply with EN 1092-1 and PN 10 standards


These pumps can be used for a variety of residential and industrial applications to move and transfer clean, non-aggressive liquids with a solid content of less than 0.2 percent. These are:

  • • Water supply to residential and commercial properties and irrigation
  • • Fire fighting
  • • Air conditioning and cooling, heating and circulation


  • • Pumped liquids temperature ranges from -10 to +90 degrees C
  • • Maximum ambient operating temperature of 40 degrees C
  • • Maximum operational pressure of 10 bar
  • • Maximum head of 7 metres


The motor is a two-pole, three-phase induction motor that is capable of 2900 rpm at 50 Hz. The voltages available are 230/400 V for power ratings up to 3 kW and 400/690 V for power ratings between 4 and 75 kW. The pumps can be supplied to fit with other voltages as well as 60 Hz and 50 Hz frequencies. Other special features include:

  • • Explosion resistant construction that complies with EU Directive 94/9
  • • Pumps that are able to operate at lower or higher pumped liquid or ambient temperatures
NM(M) Flanged End Suction
NM(M) Flanged End Suction
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