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Dosing Pumps

At Anchor Pumps, we offer a wide range of high-quality dosing pumps at affordable prices. All our automatic dosing pump systems are from top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. Brands that we stock include:

  • Prominent
  • Lutz-Jesco

These brands are all recognised as the world’s leading dosing pump manufacturers.

What is a dosing pump?

A dosing pump is a type of diaphragm pump that can accurately measure the flow rate of chemicals into water supplies. Designed for aquariums, swimming pools, wastewater treatment facilities and marine systems, a dosing pump is an essential piece of kit that accurately meters chemicals into water.

Industry specific dosing systems

Chemical dosing pumps can be found in any industry where it’s necessary to add chemical treatments to water supplies. It may be for an aquarium or swimming pool, wastewater treatment, an industrial process or marine use.

The common uses in a consumer setting are:

  • Swimming Pools
    If you own a swimming pool then it’s likely you will need a dosing pump to automate and control the PH, chlorine or redox in your swimming pool.
  • Ponds
    If you own a pond or large aquarium then it’s likely you will need a dosing pump to aid you in the delivery of water treatments and other chemicals.
  • Indoor Aquariums
    If you own an indoor aquarium, you will need a way to monitor PH levels and deliver chemical solutions to the water. A dosing pump is an ideal solution.

The latest technology

At Anchor Pumps, we are the one-stop choice for all your dosing pump technology. For the very best in pump technology, try the ProMinent Beta Solenoid pump. Available in a range of types and sizes, the Beta Solenoid is capable of handling flows from 1.1 litres up to 11 litres per hour. They use solenoid metering for accurate control to meet user requirements. Offering complete safety and security, the latest design has an LED display making it easy to spot warning and error messages.

For a higher-capacity dosing pump, the Prominent Delta Solenoid Pump is capable of handling flows up to 29.2 litres per hour. These pumps are highly efficient, meaning that users can avoid the need for additional pulsation dampers. An optional measurement module allows for connection to a sensor for chlorine, pH and other levels, eliminating the need for a separate controller.

The Gamma X pump has more features, including an alarm relay to indicate faults and an LCD display. Solenoid control means there is no need for a separate pressure sensor. For really high capacities, the Sigma1 motor-driven pumps offer a capacity up to 1,040 litres per hour. These have a removable operating unit and automatic over-pressure cut-off. Having a separate operating unit means the pumps are easy to adapt for different applications.


If you would like to learn more about our selection of dosing pumps, please contact us by phone or request a callback.

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