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Easymat 1MX Variable Speed Booster Sets

The Calpeda Easymat range is a series of variable speed booster sets. They can be used in a range of domestic and commercial settings and provide the ability to control the pressure in a number of applications.

This new generation of speed controller can be fitted separately from the pump and motor, offering another level of flexibility. The speed booster set is installed by the delivery pipe making it easy to retro-fit the equipment. This set-up also provides an additional way of cooling the motor-fan. The specific design of the Easymat ensures that there is no contact between it and the pumped liquid. This allows for an additional degree of flexibility when installing, as there is no requirement to modify existing pipe work or install isolating valves.

The Easymat range is suitable for use where there is a 240v supply. There are four different model ranges: MXP, MXH, MXSU and MXVB. They all provide different specifications and technical details to allow for a number of installation requirements. The speed controller is operated through a transducer. It has a simple LCD display that is easy to operate and provides a number of different features and controls that are quick to set.

These compact speed booster sets use a frequency converter, which enables a constant pressure to be maintained. It also protects the pump from changes in demand. The Easymat models can protect themselves from dry-running, as well as preventing the risk of too little or too much voltage coming through the power supply. As they run at variable speeds, they are more energy efficient that other alternatives. They simply use the amount of energy required by the system at any one time.

Easymat 1MX Variable Speed Booster Sets
Easymat 1MX Variable Speed Booster Sets
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