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KSB Pumps

KSB Pumps has been manufacturing pumps for a wide variety of applications for well over 130 years. Supporting its customers with a vast resource of knowledge and experience, KSB offers a range of pumps and industrial valves to suit any requirements.

Working hard to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry, KSB offers a leading range of centrifugal pumps for a variety of industrial applications. Ranging from building service and wastewater treatment industries to water transport and power plant processes, KSB has a presence on all continents and industries.

The KSB Pumps we offer

At Anchor Pumps, we offer a wide range of KSB pumps at affordable prices. All our KSB pumps are fully tested for the quality our customers expect, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. KSB pumps we stock include:

  • KSB Dirty Water Pump
  • KSB Aggressive Liquid Pumps
  • KSB Submersible Wastewater Pump
  • KSB Rainwater Harvesting Units
  • KSB Pump Accessories

Domestic or Commercial Industry

KSB offers solutions for water applications in industrial and domestic wastewater management environments. These offer clients extraction, treatment, disposal and transportation solutions. KSB also provides an advisory service intended to identify energy and cost-saving measures.

KSB understand the importance of safety in every aspect of pump technology and have demonstrated this track record in fields as diverse as power stations, biogas plants and building services such as drainage, water supply and HVAC.

The company also works with clients in the mining, dredging and the oil sand industry to provide slurry pumps for some of the most challenging conditions.

KSB also invests heavily in research and development, collaborating with universities, research institutes and industrial partners to develop new and original fluid transportation components and systems. These partnerships have led to innovations in hydraulic engineering, materials technology and automation.

With a reputation for quality and service, it’s no surprise that we’ve chosen to partner with KSB to supply a full range of standardised water pumps.


If you would like to learn more about our selection of KSB pumps, please contact us by phone or request a callback.

KSB Pumps
KSB Pumps
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