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MXH(M) Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps

The Calpeda MXH(M) range is a series of horizontal multi-stage pumps. These close-coupled pumps are available as a 240v or 415v model. They are compact and durable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. They are generally used within the water supply where there is a non-abrasive, non-aggressive and clean liquid. These pumps are suitable for use in domestic, industrial and civil settings, including for domestic gardens and irrigation purposes.

The pumps are manufactured from stainless steel, which makes the system more reliable. The stainless-steel parts are corrosion-resistant, which is essential as these are the ones that will make contact with the liquids. The casing cover for the pump is independent of the motor shield, providing more protection from leaks. These pumps have a one-piece lantern bracket with a base. There is no protruding flange. The MXH(M) range uses a single-item barrel casing. At the top of the pumps axis there is a front suction port. This provides the pump with additional protection from dry running.

These Calpeda pumps can be used where the liquid temperature ranges from -15 degrees C to 110 degrees C. They are suitable for use in ambient temperatures that reach a maximum of 40 degrees C. The pumps are easy to maintain and the seals can be checked from the openings at the side. Calpeda are highly regarded for the quality of their pumps, both in terms of production standards and the strength of their innovation. They invest heavily in their research and development facilities, enabling them to provide their customers with the most advanced equipment available.

MXH(M) Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps
MXH(M) Horizontal Multi-Stage Pumps
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