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Waste Water and Sewage Submersibles

At Anchor Pumps, we offer an extensive range of dirty water pumps at affordable prices. All of our dirty water pumps are sourced from the UK’s top brands, ensuring that we deliver only the best in quality and reliability. Brands that we stock include:

These brands are all recognised as the world’s leading domestic waste pump manufacturers. We also offer a range of commercial, heavy-duty pump brands, including:

What is a dirty water pump?

Dirty water pumps are a particular type of submersible pump that can be used to clear out water that is likely to contain solid particles. Specifically designed to handle liquids that contain soft solids up to a diameter of 60mm, submersible grinder pumps are also capable of pumping sewage in pipelines that contain faecal matter. These are also known as macerator pumps.

When would you use a dirty water pump?

Dirty water pumps can also be referred to as domestic wastewater pumps, light waste pumps or sewage water submersible pumps. Regardless of the name, they are all suitable for draining dirty water that contains soft solids. These include internal and external applications such as filling and emptying tanks, draining a flooded cellar or rainwater removal from almost any surface.

Applications include:

  • Sanitary facilities
  • Fish ponds
  • Shower waste
  • Flood water
  • Utility rooms (laundry)
  • Remote sewage removal
  • Factory waste

They can also be used in septic tanks, along with pumping fluids that contain gaseous or abrasive particles.

The Latest Dirty Water Pump Technology

We have a wide range of domestic and commercial dirty water pumps from leading brand names such as Grundfos, Lowara and JS.

For a heavy-duty pump that can handle even the most difficult particles, check out the Pirahna range from ABS. This submersible grinder pump has been designed for efficient dewatering in private, public or industrial areas using equipment with small-diameter discharge lines. This includes:

  • Sewage removal from houses in remote locations where conventional sewers are impractical
  • Removal of sewage from motorway verges, rest locations or public buildings
  • Removing waste from food-processing plants, abattoirs or pulp and paper plants

The Piranha model can also work in both hot and cold conditions. With the maximum allowable temperature set for 40 degrees Celsius, the pump can handle temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius if the pumping is for less than five minutes. It is also capable of shredding solid matter such as cloths and plastic bags.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quality stainless steel pump that can be left unattended, check out the Grundfos AP wastewater pump range. Available with or without a float switch, this pump can be left running for hours without the need to check the water level.

Finally, if you’re looking for a cheap dirty water pump, then check out the KSB waste water range. Costing only £300, the KSB range is made from cast iron and has a 9.5 max head for clearing water quickly and efficiently.

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Waste Water and Sewage Submersibles
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