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Submersible Pumps

At Anchor Pumps we offer an extensive range of drainage submersible products. These high quality pumps combine endurance with reliability to deliver excellent results. We stock only the best brands of submersible drainage systems including Lowara, one of the world’s leading manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a submersible drainage system for private or commercial use, there is a pump for every purpose and every budget at Anchor Pumps.

Our series of submersible pumps are quiet, dependable systems that deliver continuous, reliable operation and have the obvious hydraulic advantage of working under the water. From small sump drainers to pumping stations, we have pumps suitable for clean and dirty water applications, which can be supplied with or without a float switch. Made from stainless steel, plastic, cast iron or steel components with built in motor protection, submersible drainage pumps work in the toughest environments, making them an ideal choice for construction, mining, industrial and agricultural requirements.

Our drainage submersible range also includes waste water and sewage submersible drains which are designed to be heavy duty in order to effectively drain sewage and dirty waste water. The pump can also be easily removed for maintenance. Alternatively submersible package sets are available offering an extensive range of components which will cater for any drainage requirements.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of drainage submersible products currently on offer from Anchor Pumps or about any of the other drainage products available on our website, simply contact us by phone or continue to browse our online store for more details.

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