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Grundfos Pumps

Browse our extensive range of Grundfos Pumps whose trusted reputation and pioneering technology benefit a wide range of industries. Their unrivalled design and superior engineering deliver efficient and energy saving pump solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, their passion for sustainable and environmental issues has seen Grundfos pioneer energy labelling for pumps. As a result many Grundfos Pumps are A rated and comply with the European EuP regulations. Here at Anchor Pumps, we can assure you that they minimise energy consumption and produce the results as promised whether you are in the UK or are further afield.

Strong and robust, their high-grade stainless steel construction are guaranteed to endure rigorous usage and means they will not experience any corrosive issues. Their incredible proficiency extends to every Grundfos product we stock from home boosters, liquid circulators to waste water and drainage pumps which are not only easy to maintain but to install too.

Manufactured to be effortless to operate, many boast intelligent technology such as liquid circulators ALPHA and MAGNA 1 which include a user interface with clear push-buttons and they also include an autoadapt feature for constant optimisation. Their low noise level is an additional perk.

Whether you are looking for a shower pump or a central heating pump, either for the home or a more demanding environment, you can be rest assured that our selection will cater to your individual needs - offering nothing less than excellence.

Grundfos Pumps
Grundfos Pumps

Sololift2 Domestic Macerators

Grundfos Shower Pumps

Domestic Central Heating Circulating Pumps

Alpha Domestic Heating Circulator Pumps

UPS/D Light Commercial and Commercial Circulator Pumps

UPS/D, UPC/D, UMC/D Pump Heads and Terminal Boxes

MAGNA1 Single Head Circulators

MAGNA1 D Twin Head Circulators

Magna1 N/FN Stainless Steel Circulators

MAGNA3 Single Head Circulators

MAGNA3 D Twin Head Circulators

Magna3 N/FN Stainless Steel Circulators

MAGNA (UPE/D) Pumps & Spares

Comfort Alpha and UPS/UPN Hot Water Service Circulators

Grundfos Scala2 Domestic Home Booster

Home Booster, Max-E Boost and UPA 15-90N

Grundfos MQ Booster Pumps

Grundfos JP5 Pumps and Sets

Grundfos JP6 Pumps and Sets

CC Submersible Drainage Pumps

KP Submersible Drainage Pumps

AP Submersible Drainage Pumps

AP35(B) Waste Water and Sewage Pumps

AP50(B) Waste Water and Sewage Pumps

AP Submersible Waste Water Pumps

CM/CMB(E)/CME Horizontal Multi-Stage Booster Pumps

CRI Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps 240V

CRI Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps 415V

CR Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps 415V

CRIE Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps 240V

CRIE Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps 415V

NB Single Stage End Suction

TP/TP(D/E/ED) In Line Pumps

Grundfos SQ/SQE Borehole Pumps 240V

Grundfos SP Submersible Borehole 240V

Grundfos SP Submersible Borehole Pumps 415V

Conlift Automatic Condensate Pumps

PUST Sewage/Dirty Water Package Stations

SEG Wastewater and Sewage Pumps

SL1 Sewage Pumps with Auto-Adapt

SLV Sewage Pumps with Auto-Adapt

Pressure Vessels / Tanks

Grundfos Pressurisation Sets

SB & SBA Submersible Pumps

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