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Grundfos Shower Pumps

Grundfos Watermill shower pumps can boost water pressure to a shower or bathroom fitting by between 1 and 4 bar. They are compact and easy to install, featuring integral controls and anti vibration feet.

There are four different ranges, with individual models within each range offering specific features:
- twin or single impeller
- brass or composite
- universal or positive head

Both Surrey and York flanges are available, providing an independent water supply, reducing air surging noise and variations in temperature. The pumps are supplied with stainless steel 22mm pipework and can be fitted with high density, long life, carbon graphite seals.

The Amazon and Nile ranges are regenerative pumps. The impeller is designed to assist in the removal of air generated by the system and the pumps offer a lower flow rate than with centrifugal systems. These pumps are designed for use where there are a number of bends and elbows in the pipework. Amazon pumps are premium, heavy duty brass systems, suitable for use in commercial, domestic or light industrial settings. The Nile systems provide high performance at a competitive price and include automatic thermal overload protection.

The Danube and Niagara systems are centrifugal pumps. They are fitted with high efficiency impellers, which are less tolerant to air generated in the system. These pumps provide a higher flow rate than with a regenerative system. The ranges are suitable for use in areas where the pump is situated below the cold storage tank and where there are minimal bends and piping. Danube pumps are extremely safe and quiet. As these domestic systems run on a low voltage, they can be fitted underneath baths. The Niagara range features twin impeller pumps that can be used for domestic applications.

To aid installation of Grundfos shower pumps there is an Android and iPhone app available. This uses augmented reality software to assist with more complicated installations.

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