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Lowara (Zilmet) Pressure Vessels

Lowara pressure vessels are available as either vertical 10 bar and 16 bar tanks or horizontal 10 bar and 16 bar tanks. Within these categories there are compact expansion tanks, stainless steel expansion tanks and pressure vessels. Compact expansion tanks are available with capacities varying from two litres to 600 litres. The blue tanks are manufactured from carbon steel. They are suitable for use with hygienic hot water and have a permanent potable membrane. The membrane is seamless, which stops it from creasing or stretching. This design prevents water stagnation and bacteria developing.

The Lowara LSS range is a series of stainless steel expansion tanks. These are manufactured to high standards and are extremely durable and long-lasting. They are suitable for fitting into systems where clean hot water comes from a heat exchanger or boiler. The tanks have a larger capacity than other tanks of a similar size. This enables them to be more efficient, as well as compact. The tanks have high levels of hygiene and a non-toxic membrane.

The range of pressure vessels are manufactured with stainless steel flanges and a transposable membrane. These types of pressure vessels can be used in a wide range of different pumps, including centrifugal pumps, irrigation pumps and submersible pumps. They have a considerably larger volume capacity than other vessels of a similar size. The vessels don?t require a compressor, as there is an air cushion that keeps the pressure within the tank at a consistent level. The range has a variety of different capacities, from 24 litres to 3,000 litres.

Lowara (Zilmet) Pressure Vessels
Lowara (Zilmet) Pressure Vessels
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