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PVDF (Kynar) Blagdon Pumps

KYNAR PVDF is the trade name for a robust engineering thermoplastic, polyvinylidene fluoride. This is one of a group of highly stable fluoropolymers that can withstand highly aggressive liquids and environments. These could be extremes of temperatures, highly reactive chemicals or ultraviolet radiation.

PDVF is easily manufactured by standard plastics industry melt processing methods. It dissolves readily in organic solvents such as esters and amines, so can be applied as a coating on equipment such as pump components that will come into contact with aggressive liquids and environments.

The Magnatex and Texel ME Series of magnetic drive pumps are lined with fluoropolymers. This provides an efficient solution for the movement of low and medium flows of corrosive fluids. The pumps can have a maintenance-free operational lifetime and do come at a low cost. The liners are replaceable and repairs are easy to carry out without the need for special tools. The bearings of these pumps are made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), silicon carbide and carbon. The shaft itself is manufactured in silicon carbide. The specifications of these pumps are:

  • • A maximum pumped liquid flow of 90 grams per minute
  • • A maximum head of 1140 feet
  • • The pump's liquid temperature should range between 0 to 90 degrees C.
  • • A maximum power of 2.25 kW
  • • A maximum working pressure of 4.8 bar
  • • Magnets made of rare earth metals

The KYNAR air-operated drum pump has a double diaphragm and works to a maximum temperature of 180 degrees C. The parts that come into contact with pumped liquids are made of polypropylene as well as PTFE. The diaphragms are made of thermoplastic olefins that allow the pump flexibility when it is used to move caustic fluids and acids.

PVDF (Kynar) Blagdon Pumps
PVDF (Kynar) Blagdon Pumps
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