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Booster Set Spares

Grundfos booster set spares includes pressure switches, the CH/JP booster set, the Hydro 2000 booster set and the Homebooster. The KPI 35 pressure switch operates over pressures of - 0.2 bar to 8 bar. The Telemechanique one phase pressure switch is designed to work in conjunction with a pressure vessel.

The CH-JP booster set holds 11 items. These are a pressure gauge, a five-way fitting, a spacer, a vibration damper, a rivet nut, a PK4 gasket, a washer, a nut and a flexible hose of 650 mm, 730 mm and 800 mm length.

The Hydro 2000 booster set consists of two to six CR(E) pumps that are connected in parallel. A common frame acts as a base mount. This type of booster set can also be expanded up to a total of eight pumps if a customer requests the configuration.

The control cabinet has a Pump Functional Unit (PFU) 2000 that controls the performance, the changeover and the cascade of the pumps among other functions.

The Grundfos Homebooster is designed specifically for residential properties with a low-pressure mains water supply. It is a self-contained booster set and features a 2000-litre storage tank made of high-quality stainless steel. The entire system is controlled by a PM2 pressure manager.

Booster Set Spares
Booster Set Spares
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