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Chamber Stack for Verticle Multistage Spares

Grundfos vertical multi stage pumps come as the CR, CRI and CRN models. The CR range is available in various sizes, depending on pressure and flow requirements. These pumps are designed to pump a wide range of liquids, ranging from potable water to chemicals.

The pump consists of a pump head and a base. Stay bolts secure the chamber stack and the sleeve between the head and base. The chamber stack itself, also called a stage, consists of one or more impellers and return channels.

The CR pump series is used in air-conditioning and cooling systems, washers and water-treatment systems, fire extinction, as a boiler feed and a variety of industrial processes.

The Grundfos Chamber Stack for Vertical Multi Stage Pumps in the CR series is available for the model’s variants. These are the CR (I)(N) 1, CR(N) 2, CR(I)(N) 3, CR(N) 4, CR(I) 5, CR(N) 8, CR(I)(N) 10, CR(I)(N) 15, CR(N) 16, CR(I)(N) 20, CR(N) 30, CR 32, CR 45, CR(N) 60, CR 64, CR 90, CR(N) 90, CR 120, CR(N) 120 and CR 150.

Each of these stacks is further subdivided into variants and further subdivisions. This enables the stack to be tailored to specific customer needs. The CR 90 stack has 15 variants, the CR 120 stack has variants and the CR4 has 14 variants.

Chamber Stack for Verticle Multistage Spares
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