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    How to Replace a Central Heating Pump

    The central heating pump is the beating heart of your central heating system, efficiently circulating warm water around your system to heat your radiators and keep your home comfortably warm. But what happens if you have a problem and the central heating pump fails? If you're a competent DIYer, this is a job you can tackle yourself if you... Read more

    Troubleshooting Negative Head Shower Pumps

    Shower pumps are generally reliable pieces of equipment, and problems rarely occur. When they do, it's important to be able to diagnose them correctly in order to determine whether a new pump is needed or if the fault lies elsewhere. Whether you're using Stuart Turner shower pumps or another brand, the basics of troubleshooting are the same. Problems are... Read more

    Save money by Winterizing your home in Summer!

    It may seem a bit early to be thinking about getting the house ready for winter, but bit of work this weekend could save your a lot of money later, here’s why; Insulation - Dull but Vital If your roof insulation is on the thin side, you may get a better deal by upgrading it before the really cold... Read more

    Boosting your low water pressure in the home

    It isn’t uncommon for homes to suffer from low water pressure. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as a slow-filling bath, poor flow from the shower or inadequate performance from your combi boiler, then you too may be experiencing low water pressure. But although it’s a widespread problem, that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. The solution lies in a... Read more

    How to Lower Your Central Heating Bill in 2016

    Reducing the amount you spend on heating your home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your level of comfort. By making sure your insulation, thermostat and central heating system are all working in harmony, you can stay warm on the coldest of winter nights without spending a penny more than you need to. A great first step... Read more

    How to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter!

    Temperatures can plummet during the cold winter months, which can cause the pipes in your home to freeze. In the worst-case scenario, the pipes could go on to burst, which could result in extensive damage, not what you need just before Christmas! There are lots of ways in which you can protect your home from frozen and burst... Read more

    How to increase shower water pressure

    Many houses suffer from low water pressure, and this can be frustrating when it comes to enjoying a great shower. Low pressure can be due to many reasons, from blocked or poorly designed pipework to low mains pressure. Ever wondered how to increase water pressure in your home? Check out our tips below... If you’re having problems with... Read more

    Bleeding Central Heating Systems and Radiators

    Central heating systems are designed to keep our homes warm, but they don’t always work as effectively as they could do. If your radiators are not heating up properly, it probably means that the system needs bleeding. The process of bleeding central heating pump should be done regularly and is fairly simple... Why Radiators Need Bleeding As... Read more

    How to Replace a Central Heating Pump

    One of the most common causes of failure in central heating systems is the pump. It's a mechanical component and it works hard, so it's no wonder central heating pumps need to be replaced from time to time. Symptoms of failure may be excessive noise or the fact that some of your radiators aren't getting warm. They... Read more

    5 Steps to installing a shower pump

    Nothing beats an invigorating shower to relax aching muscles and help you to unwind. Unfortunately, many homes just don't have sufficient water pressure for a decent shower. If this is your problem, don’t despair, why not try installing a shower pump to boost your water pressure to a strong level for the perfect shower. Choose Your Pump ... Read more

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