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shower pumps

    Help is at Hand to Choose the Right Pump

    Updating your kitchen and bathroom or renovating a whole house can be an exciting time, but there’s lots to think about before you get to the bit we all love - choosing your beautiful fittings, fancy tiles and fluffy towels. Making sure you’ve got decent water pressure may not be the glamorous end of home improvement but it’s vital... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Shower Pump

    There are few things in life as important as having a good quality bathroom installed in your home. It’s, no doubt, the first place you will see in the morning after brushing the sleep out of your eyes, and a positive day will always start with a long, refreshing shower. That’s why choosing the right shower pump is vital... Read more

    What Type of Shower Pump Do I Need?

    Few things in life are more annoying than a shower that doesn't have enough power behind it. Let's face it - a trickle of water just doesn't feel as if it's getting the job done. This is why choosing the right shower pump is important. If your home has poor water pressure, a shower pump can put that right by boosting... Read more

    The Quietest Shower Pumps on the Market

      Showers are much more pleasant and invigorating when they benefit from decent water pressure, and this usually necessitates a shower pump. However, in some cases this solves the problem of low pressure while creating a new problem of noise. If you are struggling with a noisy shower pump, there are a number of things to consider… ... Read more

    How Can I Improve the Shower Water Pressure?

    Does it take you a long time to run a bath? Is your shower a trickle rather than a flow? Does the toilet cistern take for ever to refill? All of these may be symptoms of low water pressure. Low water pressure may be due to a number of things. The best place to check it... Read more

    The top 5 movie shower & bathroom scenes of all time

    Admittedly, there are some things which happen in the bathroom which should stay well and truly private, for all sorts of reasons, but nonetheless such an important room deserves to have some iconic film moments. Therefore the team at took on the “difficult” task to find the top 5 scenes – (we bet the tomb raider shower scene must... Read more

    From shower pumps to leaking taps: 5 Ways You Are Wasting Water in the Home

    It becomes more apparent each day that we all need to contribute in some way to the future health of our environment. Many of the planet’s natural resources, particularly water, are being wasted in large amounts and no matter how aware of environmental issues you may be or how cost-conscious you are, you could still be wasting water in your... Read more

    5 Steps to fitting a Rainfall Shower

    The installation of a rainfall shower head in place of a standard head can create a wonderful new feel and luxury to your shower experience. This type of shower head can be attached to a wall outlet shower to enhance your daily shower and it is a straightforward process.  Step 1 Measure the height of the existing... Read more

    New Salamander Pump ranges - CT Xtra, CT Force & Home boost

    Late last year, the new and improved range of shower pumps from leading brand Salamander Pumps was launched to the public under the CT label. The new CT range of shower pumps is now also available as brass ended under the new CT Force branding. We still receive many questions regarding the pump upgrades – with many customers searching... Read more

    What is the best shower pump for under £150?

    There is nothing quite as invigorating as standing under the water spray of a powerful shower. As the name suggests, your power shower should provide a much stronger water flow than a standard electric model and in order to create a strong enough water pressure to create that powerful flow, a shower pump is regularly required!  As the cost... Read more

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