Shower pumps are a fairly common feature in many homes that allow you to get a good, high pressure shower even if the normal water pressure in the house wouldn’t allow it.

But if you’re new to the pumping world, the vast array of shower pumps on offer can be quite confusing.

What are the key differences between all these shower pumps? Why is there so much variation on price? And how do I know that this particular shower pump is right for my home?

Now, if you’ve read our complete guide to buying a shower pump, you should understand the differences between positive head and universal shower pumps (if you don’t understand the differences, we suggest you start there first!).

The next stage is to find a pump that is ideal for your overall family and lifestyle situation. For that purpose, we’ve listed a variety of situations below and the ideal pump for that situation. This should help you make the appropriate choice for your home.

I need the quietest shower pump for my home

The demand for shower pumps to be both highly efficient and powerful leaves one key flaw. Noise.

If you value your relationships and want to ensure your loved ones keep getting a good night's sleep, then we highly recommend purchasing one of the three shower pumps listed below.

If you’re still suffering with excessive noise from your shower pump, check out our dedicated guide here. We’ve got a whole range of tips that can help you tackle shower pump noise.

Grundfos Amazon ‘Ultra Quiet’ Brass Range

Made from the finest brass components, the Amazon “ultra quiet” range really does live up to the name. Manufactured by market leaders Grundfos, these shower pumps are designed to the highest standards and match high performance pumping with the lowest noise output. Ranging in price from £160 to £350, the Amazon range is also great value for money.

Search prices on the Grundfos Amazon ‘Ultra Quiet’ range here.

Stuart Turner Monsoon ‘Super Silent’ Shower Pumps

Another pump that lives up to its name, the ‘super silent’ range by Stuart Turner is one of the finest pumps ever produced. Made with high quality brass bodied components, the Stuart Turner Monsoon range filters out noise using anti-vibration feet and low voltage design. Ranging from £179 to £441, the ‘Super Silent’ range is a little more expensive than the Amazon range, but it is a premium market product at a fair price.

Search prices on the Stuart Turner Monsoon ‘Super Silent’ range here.

Salamander CT Force Regenerative Shower Pumps

Our final suggestion is the Salamander CT Force range. You may note that the CT Force doesn’t have ‘ultra quiet’ or ‘super silent’ within its name. But don’t be fooled, this pump was recently awarded “the quiet mark” by independent testers and was found to be the “quietest shower pump on the market”. Again, you’ll be pleased to know that this pump is made from quality brass bodied components and also benefits from Salamander’s unique ‘NVR’ (Noise Vibration Reduction) technology. Ranging from £146 to £300, the CT Force is also one of the best priced pumps on the market.

Search prices on the Salamander CT Force range here.

I need a shower pump for a small flat

If you’re living in a small flat, apartment or house as a bachelor/bachelorette or with one partner, then you will be glad to know that you don’t need to purchase one of the highly expensive, powerful pumps. Unless you have severely weak pressure from the main water supply, we suggest that you purchase a pump with 1.5 to 2.0 bars worth of pressure. Take a look at the pumps below. These would be perfect options for a small household with only one or two people in the home.

Stuart Turner Techflo TP S1.5 Bar Shower Pump

Packing over 1.5 bars of pressure, the Stuart Turner Techflo shower pump is the economical option for improving pressure at the shower head. Perfect for a couple or someone living on their own, the Techflo is one of the cheapest shower pumps on the market at only £66.

Search prices on the Stuart Turner Techflo here.

Grundfos GRUNDFOS STR2-1.5 C Shower Pump

Another affordable shower pump option is the Grundfos STR2. Priced a little more expensive than the Techflo at £86, the STR2 is one from the Grundfos regenerative range and packs a tidy 1.5 bar of pressure. Ideal for a home with one or two people, this pump is also designed with an AC induction motor to reduce noise and minimise vibrations.

Search prices on the Grundfos STR2-1.5 C here.

I need a shower pump for a small, young family

For a young family, with one or two kids in the house, you will need a pump that supplies a little more power. We suggest purchasing something with around 2.0 to 3.0 bars of pressure. Although you can go higher if you need it. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started on your search.

Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar Shower Pump

A Salamander favourite, the CT75 is ideal for a small, young family. Boasting 2.0 bars worth of pressure, this shower pump features unique noise reduction technology that ensures your shower operates as quietly as possible. Suitable for keeping your water sufficiently pressurised, this pump comes at a bargain price of around £111.

Search prices on the Salamander CT75 here.

Stuart Turner Showermate U2.6 Bar Shower Pump

A new release by the highly respected pump experts, Stuart Turner, the showermate U2.6 can be used for both positive and negative head applications and also packs 2.6 bars worth of pressure. Priced at £209, this pump defines the saying ‘you get what you pay for’. An all-round quality pump.

Search prices on the Stuart Turner Showermate U2.6 Bar

I need a shower pump for a family of four and above

If you have a family of four people plus, then we suggest purchasing a pump with a little more power. A 3.0 bar pump may seem a tad excessive, but keep in mind that while only one person may be showering no doubt one will be washing their hands in the downstairs toilet and another will be washing up a breakfast bowl in the kitchen sink. This will obviously weaken the pressure to the shower and even a 2.6 bar pump will fail to supply adequate thrust at the shower head.

Grundfos Amazon 3.0B Shower Pump

The watermill Amazon range designed by Grundfos is one of the finest shower pumps available. Perfect for a family of four and above, this pump will effortlessly keep up with all your pumping demands. Priced between £200 to £300 depending on the option you choose, this pump is made from the finest parts and uses the most up-to-date technology.

Search prices on the Grundfos Amazon 3.0B Shower Pump here.

Salamander RP80PS 3.0B Shower Pump

Claiming two big titles, the Salamander RP80PS 3.0B calls itself the quietest shower pump in the UK and the most powerful 3.0 bar pump in the range. While we won’t debate the validity of these claims, the RP80PS 3.0B is perfect for a busy household where multiple people may be using the water supply at any given time.

Search prices on the Salamander RP80PS 3.0B Shower Pump here.

I need a shower pump suitable for two showers

Most large modern homes now have at least two showers. One will be placed in the main household bathroom, while another shower is placed in an en suite or separate shower room. In this situation, where two people may be showering at once, it would be ideal to have a highly efficient and highly powerful shower pump installed. We’ve picked out the three absolute best pumps for this situation.

Stuart Turner Monsoon S4.5B Shower Pump

The Stuart Turner Monsoon S4.5B is the most powerful shower pump featured in this article. Perfect for homes where multiple showers are on the go at once, the Monsoon features low voltage, brass bodied design and is also fitted with anti-vibration feet. Priced at only £195, you won’t get power this big at a cheaper price.

Search prices on the Stuart Turner Monsoon S4.5B Shower Pump here.

Salamander RP100TU 3.0B Shower Pump

Another pump from Salamander’s innovative RP range, the RP100TU model is a compact piece of tech that puts out a controlled and smooth 3.0 bars of pressure. Made to boost supplies of a variety of applications, this pump actually serves up to 4 body jets at any one time.

Search prices on the Salamander RP100 TU 3.0B Shower Pump Here.

Grundfos Amazon STP-4.0B Shower Pump

In each category we keep returning to the Grundfos Amazon range. And why wouldn’t we? Not only do they make some of the most efficient shower pumps, but they also make them powerful and quiet. This pump in particular can put out 4.0 bars worth of pressure, is low vibration and is fitted with long life silicon carbide seals as standard.

Search prices on the Grundfos Amazon STP-4.0B Shower Pump here.

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