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Anchor Pumps

    Anchor Weigh Up New Opportunities on 30th Anniversary

    *** PRESS RELEASE ***  Friday 12th August 2016; Anchor Pumps, one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of industrial and domestic pumps, is celebrating 30 successful years in business by looking to the future and planning further growth. Since founder Ken Rowe first opened the doors back in 1986, the firm has gone from strength to strength. Now stocking... Read more

    The 5 Best Submersible Pumps on the Market

    Submersible pumps can be used in a range of applications across commercial, industrial and domestic settings. From sewage treatment to oil wells, and from draining mine shafts to removing floodwater from a cellar, a submersible drainage system will make short work of any requirements - but choosing the right pump for the right purpose can be tricky. This guide can... Read more

    7 inspiring blogs for improving your bathroom

    DIY Fix It Offering advice and information on all aspects of home improvement, this site is indispensable if you’re planning on tackling anything home-related on your own. The blog has an excellent section devoted to plumbing, with information on everything from fitting a copper pipe to how the water supply works. Posts with practical advice covering a large selection of... Read more

    How to test a central heating pump

    Central heating failures are often due not to the boiler itself but to peripheral components such as pumps and motorised diverter valves. These are among the few moving parts in the system and so are more likely to be subject to wear and failure over time. Central heating pumps do fail, and it isn't hard to diagnose... Read more

    Tips for cleaning your shower head

    A shower pump is a popular upgrade to many homes, allowing you to have a satisfactory shower even if the water pressure in the property wouldn't otherwise allow it. Shower pumps are generally very reliable and require little in the way of maintenance. However, some regular attention and cleaning can make sure that your pump has a long... Read more

    How to Lower Your Central Heating Bill in 2016

    Reducing the amount you spend on heating your home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your level of comfort. By making sure your insulation, thermostat and central heating system are all working in harmony, you can stay warm on the coldest of winter nights without spending a penny more than you need to. A great first step... Read more

    10 Energy-Saving Tips to Cut the Cost of Your January Bills

    January can be an expensive month, with Christmas credit card bills and the colder weather increasing your heating costs. If you’re trying to find ways in which you can cut costs and keep on top of your finances, here are our top tips to save energy. Switch Off Appliances Households could be wasting around £30 every year simply... Read more

    Why you need a submersible pump this flooding season

    January can bring increased risk of flooding in many areas of the country. Heavy rains and melting snow can lead to waterlogged ground and swollen rivers, making floods a real worry for many, especially those on flood plains or other areas that are prone to problems. As a householder, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. From submersible pumps... Read more

    12 Days of Energy Savings

    The Christmas season can be costly, and not just in terms of all the presents and extra food that you need to buy. It can also cost more on your energy bills, so now is the ideal time to look at ways of becoming more energy-efficient to reduce your usage. 1. Use a Timer Many households have decorative... Read more

    Anchor Pumps Tips: Cutting the Cost of Heating Your Home

    Heating your home is one of the biggest costs you face during the winter months. Of course, you can’t do without heating at all, but there are some things you can do to reduce your heating bills this winter.  Turn Down the Thermostat It may sound strange, but you can turn down your thermostat by a couple of... Read more

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