Pumps are a vital component in ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Installed in a variety of applications, from the heart of your business to the canteen, pumps are often the forgotten backbone - supporting nearly all aspects of an operation.

But, they come at a price.

Aside from the cost of purchase, 85% of the total costs of a pump relate to the energy used to power the pump, and a further 10% from the maintenance of the pumps.

Fortunately, pumps don’t have to be an excessive drain on your resource.

Thanks to a range of innovations in energy optimisation and pump design, your business can now reduce 30 to 50% of the operational costs of your pumps.

Let’s find out how.

The Cost of Running a Pump

85% of the cost of running a pump is generated by the energy used to power the pump. By optimising your pump, you can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%. That's:

  • 85% - Energy Consumption
  • 10% - Service and Maintenance
  • 5% - Purchase Price

Across a business, servicing and optimising your pumps could save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of pounds over the next 5 years.

How to Reduce the Operational Costs of Running a Pump

Anchor Pumps has teamed up with Grundos to make energy efficiency easy. They'll come to your site and assess how much energy you could be wasting. There are four levels of energy efficiency assessment on offer. Which service is right for you will largely depend on your particular business and context.

The four services on offer include:

  • Energy Check
  • Advanced Energy Check
  • Pump Audit
  • Thermodynamic Testing

Each of these services offer a range of different benefits which, in a few easy steps, can help you reach recommendations that will make your business more profitable.

Energy Check

The simplest and cheapest assessment is the Energy Check. Using data collected from a pump’s nameplate and ISO accredited load profiles, a team of energy experts can calculate the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your existing pumps.
The data is then used to create a report which identifies a range of potential savings and energy efficiencies across your business.


  • Cheapest energy assessment
  • Identifies potential savings
  • Short turnaround time

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Advanced Energy Check

If you would prefer a more accurate and detailed service, we would recommend the Advanced Energy Check. With this assessment, a team of engineers will visit your property and install a variety of wireless power loggers.

The power loggers will then monitor the absorbed power of each pump for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling us to create an accurate load profile for each pump.

The collected data can then be used to decide which pumps need to be replaced, which need to be maintained and which can be removed for more efficient options.


  • Highly accurate assessment
  • Accurately identifies potential savings
  • Short to medium turnaround time

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Pump Audit

If your pumps are quite old or the nameplates are damaged and missing, it can be quite difficult to make an accurate assessment.
If that’s the case, the best assessment option is a pump audit. Measuring 4 values (flow, differential head, temperature and consumed electric energy), a variety of data can be recorded and analysed to produce a complete load profile and efficiency curve for your system.

The data has an amazing accuracy of +3% and can be used to suggest a range of replacement pump and optimisation options.


  • Substantially reduce your energy consumption
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase pump reliability
  • Substantially reduce your CO2 emissions

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Thermodynamic Testing

For very large pumps (flow rates +5,000 litres per second), we would recommend Thermodynamic Testing.

Essentially, this test measures the liquid temperature at both the pump’s input and output.

The difference in temperature can then be used to calculate the efficiency of the pump (too much heat, the pump is inefficient).
While this final option is an advanced and accurate method of energy assessment, it can only be used in particular setups with a particular set of pumps.

The Benefits of Energy Optimisation

With power prices always on the rise, you can expect a quick ROI from each energy optimisation service listed above. Other key benefits include:

Financial Benefits

Energy optimisation will typically save you on average 30 to 50% in energy costs. With such an instant saving, you can expect to make an ROI within 1 to 5 years. That’s without considering the savings related to increasing energy prices or reduced operating or maintenance costs.

Operational Benefits

Another energy optimisation bonus is the increased reliability of your pumps. With less downtime and repair costs, your business will no longer experience the frustration and stress of getting a pump back online.

Environmental Benefits

Finally, energy optimisation is great for corporate image. Reducing your CO2 emissions by over 30%, your business will find it easier to be compliant with energy regulations. Great for business, great for PR.

Enquire about Optimisation Services

Anchor Pumps partner with industry experts Grundfos to provide our customers with optimisation services. If you would like to find out more, use the contact information below or read the Grundfos Optimisation Services guide here:

Email: sales@anchorpumps.com
Phone: 0800 112 3134