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    The Complete Guide to Buying a Saniflo Toilet System

    Saniflo products are growing in popularity as the go-to plumbing system for bathrooms. With super easy to install tech (see: saving cash) and a plethora of environmental benefits, Saniflo is causing a real stir among the astute home renovator. So maybe you’re considering whether or not to purchase one. Whether it was a recommendation from a friend or something... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

    Let’s be honest, rainwater harvesting can sound like a bit of an absurd concept in the UK. It rains at least half the year and it’s not like we have the severe summer droughts of the Australian outback. Yet even if it does seem a little silly there are some very good reasons to install a rainwater system, even... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Central Heating Pump

    Suffering from cold radiators even with the heating on full blast? Does your system seem to take an age to heat up? Or maybe you’re enduring a chronic humming sound that magically appears when you turn on your central heating system? If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s likely that your central heating pump needs replacing. But... Read more

    The Plumber’s Guide to Fixing Low Water Pressure

    Fed up with waiting hours to fill a bathtub? The morning shower lacking any real pressure? Or maybe you’re dissatisfied with inadequate performance from your combi boiler? Then you, like millions of others across the UK, may be experiencing low water pressure. The good news is that you don’t have to continue living this way. The cause of low... Read more

    How Much Are Home Improvements? Depends Who You Are…

    Many of us rely on tradesmen to help us build our dream homes, whether that be building a new conservatory, painting and decorating or fitting a new bathroom. Lots of us are clueless when it comes to understanding what’s involved in the work we ask our tradesmen to do, meaning we readily accept their quotes. So, do quotations really... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Floods

    Once called “once in a thousand year” events, flooding in the UK is quickly becoming quite common. While responsibility for what is causing the common occurrence of flooding varies between warmer winters generating higher levels of precipitation and councils not properly considering floodplains when granting planning permission for new builds, the reality in Britain today is that flooding can happen... Read more

    Help is at Hand to Choose the Right Pump

    Updating your kitchen and bathroom or renovating a whole house can be an exciting time, but there’s lots to think about before you get to the bit we all love - choosing your beautiful fittings, fancy tiles and fluffy towels. Making sure you’ve got decent water pressure may not be the glamorous end of home improvement but it’s vital... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Shower Pump

    There are few things in life as important as having a good quality bathroom installed in your home. It’s, no doubt, the first place you will see in the morning after brushing the sleep out of your eyes, and a positive day will always start with a long, refreshing shower. That’s why choosing the right shower pump is vital... Read more

    What is slowing the UK’s Conversion to Renewable Energy?

    The UK switch to renewable energy is going to happen. The decision for the Great British public is how fast this happens and what type of renewables we invest into and eventually switch too. At current, the UK is way behind a vast array of countries in the western world. The United States and Germany included. But why we... Read more

    The 4 Most Innovative People in the Renewable Energy Industry

    To most people renewable energy will mean nothing more than wind turbines, solar panels and hydro-electric dams. But if you look a little closer at renewables, you will find there is so much more. Today, renewables is one of the most exciting industries to work in. No longer constricted by the elements, great minds are making energy out of... Read more

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