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    The UK’s Dreariest Cities

    As a nation, we’re overly obsessed with the weather. We so well converse in it, we use it to fill any awkward silences that occur in all social situations. In order to prepare for such detailed and analytical conversations, we will often summarise any slight change in weather conditions on a daily basis. In the summer, we love to... Read more

    Which Shower Pump is Right for the Job? - Shower Pump Type Guide

    Shower pumps are a fairly common feature in many homes that allow you to get a good, high pressure shower even if the normal water pressure in the house wouldn’t allow it. But if you’re new to the pumping world, the vast array of shower pumps on offer can be quite confusing. What are the key... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Central Heating Pump Problems (And How You Can Fix Them)

    Central heating problems are often due, not to the boiler itself, but, to peripheral components such as central heating pumps and motorised diverter valves. These parts are among the few moving components in the system and so are more likely to be subject to wear and failure over time. But how do you know that it’s actually... Read more

    The Weirdest Items Plumbers Have Found in Pipes

    Plumbers have one of the toughest jobs on the planet. Not only is the job extremely technical, but you need to have a really strong stomach.    From rotten food backing up a sink to a toilet clogged with wet wipes, plumbers have the unfortunate job of pulling all sorts of disgusting items out of our pipes. ... Read more

    Which Pump Type is Right for the Job - Pump Type Guide

    The pumping world is vast and varied. Whatever liquid or matter you’re looking to shift, we can guarantee there is a pump designed to shift it. But buying a pump can be a complicated business. With so many brands, models and nonsensical jargon to assess and understand, it’s no wonder so many people are put off buying their own... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Submersible Pump

    A submersible pump, as its name suggests, is capable of running underwater. This is one of the most versatile pump types on the market and is useful in a whole range of applications. Like all pumps, there are many different types of submersibles to cope with a variety of applications. Because of the variety of pumps available, it is... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Saniflo Toilet System

    Saniflo products are growing in popularity as the go-to plumbing system for bathrooms. With super easy to install tech (see: saving cash) and a plethora of environmental benefits, Saniflo is causing a real stir among the astute home renovator. So maybe you’re considering whether or not to purchase one. Whether it was a recommendation from a friend or something... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

    Let’s be honest, rainwater harvesting can sound like a bit of an absurd concept in the UK. It rains at least half the year and it’s not like we have the severe summer droughts of the Australian outback. Yet even if it does seem a little silly there are some very good reasons to install a rainwater system, even... Read more

    The Complete Guide to Buying a Central Heating Pump

    Suffering from cold radiators even with the heating on full blast? Does your system seem to take an age to heat up? Or maybe you’re enduring a chronic humming sound that magically appears when you turn on your central heating system? If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s likely that your central heating pump needs replacing. But... Read more

    The Plumber’s Guide to Fixing Low Water Pressure

    Fed up with waiting hours to fill a bathtub? The morning shower lacking any real pressure? Or maybe you’re dissatisfied with inadequate performance from your combi boiler? Then you, like millions of others across the UK, may be experiencing low water pressure. The good news is that you don’t have to continue living this way. The cause of low... Read more

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