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    The Complete Guide to Common Saniflo Problems and Solutions

    Contents My Saniflo keeps running and will not switch off My Saniflo is vibrating violently My Saniflo keeps randomly starting My Saniflo continually trips the electrics My Saniflo is leaking/foaming up and leaking out of the air vent My Saniflo smells terrible My Saniflo keeps blocking and is backed up to the shower basin My Saniflo is running but... Read more

    How to Fix Central Heating Radiator Problems (Expert Guide)

    Contents How does a radiator work My radiator is cold at the top and hot at the bottom All my radiators are cold Some of my radiators are cold One of my radiators is cold My radiator has a cold centre Introduction Ensuring that your home is sufficiently heated is an absolute must. During the colder months, a well-heated... Read more

    Positive Displacement Pumps vs. Centrifugal Pumps: The Complete Guide

    If there’s one guarantee in life, it’s that whatever liquid or matter you’re looking to shift, there is already a perfectly designed pump ready to pump it. But if you’re new to the pump industry, the vast number of technical pump types on offer can make it hard to find the ideal pump for your situation. Take positive... Read more

    How to Identify What Heating System is in Your Home

    If you have identified that you have low water pressure in the home, the next best step is to buy a shower or booster pump which will help to increase the flow of water around your home. But before you choose a pump, you will need to identify which hot water system (boiler type) you have in your home. ... Read more

    Where are you getting ripped off for housing?

    Buying a house is probably one of the biggest and happiest moments of your life. Your driveway. Your front door. Your beautiful green lawn that you can finally obsess over like the rest of us. Owning your own home is a pretty sweet moment. But if this is your first time buying a house, no doubt the size... Read more

    Condensate Pumps: The Definitive Guide

    If this is the first time you’ve bought a condensate pump, then you will no doubt find the vast number of pumps on offer quite overwhelming. You’re probably thinking: “What does a condensate pump actually do? Do I really need a condensate pump? And what’s wrong with condensate anyway…?!?” Fortunately, like most things in the pumping world... Read more

    How To Increase Water Pressure In Your Shower (Expert Advice)

    Contents Do I have low water pressure in the shower? How to test low water pressure What causes low water pressure in the shower? How to increase water pressure in the shower What is the best way to increase water pressure in your home? Best shower pumps... Read more

    Buying a Home Booster Pump: The Complete Guide

    If you have low water pressure in your home then you will know it can be a real pain. The morning shower will lack any real power, washing the dishes can take hours and the bathtub... don’t even get us started on how long it takes to fill the bathtub. Forever! Fortunately, if you are suffering... Read more

    Buying a Swimming Pool Pump: The Complete Guide

    Swimming pool pumps are a standard feature in the operation of swimming pools, that allow you to pump water through a filter, circulate the water and keep the water clean. But if you’re a new pool owner or replacing a swimming pool pump for the first time, the vast number of swimming pool pumps on offer can be... Read more

    The UK’s Dreariest Cities

    As a nation, we’re overly obsessed with the weather. We so well converse in it, we use it to fill any awkward silences that occur in all social situations. In order to prepare for such detailed and analytical conversations, we will often summarise any slight change in weather conditions on a daily basis. In the summer, we love to... Read more

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