Month: May 2013

Free Cinema Tickets for Anchor Pumps Customers

As a specialist pump retailer, at Anchor Pumps we are all about giving our customers the best pump solutions at the best prices. Now we are adding even extra value to our complete range of pump applications, as customers can now receive a pair of free cinema tickets when shopping online at Anchor Pumps.

Anchor Pumps

Ideal for film fans, this offer runs until 31st August 2013 and is open to any customer who spends up to £750 (excluding VAT) on Lowara pumps and equipment in a single transaction.

Spending up to £750 on Lowara products will make you immediately eligible for a pair of free cinema tickets – you can even take advantage of this offer up to five times, when making separate transactions (please note, this is for a maximum of one transaction per day).

What’s more, if you spend over £750 (excluding VAT), you will be eligible for our other great value offer where you can get your hands on a free iPod shuffle.

Lowara pumps are a leading name in pump solutions and offer a great range of pump applications. With over 40 years’ experience, Lowara specialise in hydraulic pumps and produce pumps to cater to various applications including their high quality selection of submersible pumps.

Lowara pumps, as well as spares and equipment for Lowara products are available to buy online at Anchor Pumps. Take advantage of our free cinema tickets offer by spending up to £750 (excl. VAT) on Lowara products, or alternatively get your hands on a free iPod Shuffle when you spend over £750 (excl. VAT) online now.

Save on Energy & Help the Planet with Grundfos Pumps

The focus on energy efficiency is never more apparent than it is right now. While we all actively take steps to protect the future of our planet (taking baths rather than showers, unplugging appliances when they are not in use etc.), one way that homeowners can take positive steps towards a more energy efficient future is with Grundfos pumps.

Grundfos Pumps

Widely renowned for their energy efficient properties, Grundfos pumps use the latest designs and innovations to ensure a great level of energy efficiency in the home. With the recent introduction of EuP legislation, Grundfos ‘future-proof’ pumps have demonstrated how homes can do their bit to help the planet.

The complete line of energy efficient Grundfos pumps includes the Alpha2, MAGNA1 and MAGNA3 circulator pumps. A circulator pump is used to circulate hot water to heating devices around the home, and if an in-efficient circulator is currently installed, it could potentially be consuming far more energy than is required.

The majority of homes throughout the UK and Europe currently have a standard D-labelled circulator pump installed, the EuP legislation sees these pumps as inefficient therefore they need to be replaced with a EuP ready pump such as Grundfos Alpha2, MAGNA1 or MAGNA3 pumps. Swapping a standard D-labelled circulator with an EuP ready pump could see a household saving up to 80% in energy usage – helping you to do your bit for the environment while cutting those energy costs as a result!

Here at Anchor Pumps we offer a complete range of energy efficient pumps including Grundfos circulator pumps. For more information about any of the pumps that we sell, please feel free to get in touch today!