One of the most common questions we get here at Anchor Pump is:

“How do I choose the correct central heating pump size for my home?”

A few times we’ve even had customers sending us pipe layout diagrams, boiler metrics and insulation ratings.

We say, enough.

Choosing a central heating pump for the average home is not that complicated.

Unless your home suffers from particularly poor insulation, follow these rules:

Which central heating pump do I need?

Grundfos 15/50 for 2 to 3 bedroom houses (smaller house)

Grundfos 15/60 for 3 to 5 bedroom house (larger house)

Choose the larger option if you suffer from particularly poor insulation.

Variable speed dial

Most central heating pumps will be sold with a variable speed dial. This allows you to control the speed at which water is circulated around your home. If the pump is circulating water too fast, simply adjust the dial and slow the circulation. If the pump is circulating water too slowly, simply adjust the dial and speed up the circulation process.

How do I size a central heating pump in a large house?

If you have a much larger home (lucky you), then it does get a tad more complicated.

In this case, you will need a visual inspection of:

  • pipe sizes
  • radiator types
  • boiler size

It can be a little more complicated to measure exactly how much power is needed to thoroughly heat a large home. There may be cases where you need to purchase multiple central heating pumps to circulate different heating circuits. As we said, this is for unique cases. The average home will need either a 15/50 or a 15/60 pump.

Free Advice

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