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Energy Saving

    How to Perform a Home Energy Check Yourself

    Making your home more energy efficient has multiple benefits. It’s not just beneficial for saving you money on your energy bills (although this should be enough to convince you), it will also increase the comfort of your home, improve the resale value of it and massively reduce the carbon footprint it emits. There’s just one problem: who do... Read more

    Easy Energy Saving Ideas for your Business

    With so many different costs to worry about when running your business, often your energy bills don’t have much attention paid to them. However, if you take a few steps into reducing wasted energy you could really notice a difference in your overhead costs. Here at Anchor Pumps, we have come up with a few energy saving ideas that are... Read more

    How to Get Your Central Heating Ready for Winter!

    Taking care of your central heating system before winter begins is essential. From ensuring that it is not emitting potentially deadly carbon monoxide to obtaining the maximum value from what you spend on energy, getting your system ready for the frosty months should be on the annual “to-do” list. When this is done, homeowners should be able to relax, knowing... Read more

    Going on Holiday? Make sure you home is protected!

    If you’re going away on holiday, whether for a long weekend or for several weeks, it’s important to take steps to look after your home protect it from problems and make sure that you won’t be facing a disaster on your return. There are many things to consider when leaving your home unoccupied. Here are a few of the... Read more

    10 Energy-Saving Tips to Cut the Cost of Your January Bills

    January can be an expensive month, with Christmas credit card bills and the colder weather increasing your heating costs. If you’re trying to find ways in which you can cut costs and keep on top of your finances, here are our top tips to save energy. Switch Off Appliances Households could be wasting around £30 every year simply... Read more

    12 Days of Energy Savings

    The Christmas season can be costly, and not just in terms of all the presents and extra food that you need to buy. It can also cost more on your energy bills, so now is the ideal time to look at ways of becoming more energy-efficient to reduce your usage. 1. Use a Timer Many households have decorative... Read more

    10 Christmas Energy Saving tips to help cut the cost January bills

    Christmas is expensive for many reasons, from buying presents to stocking up on food and drink. It can also cost you much more in energy usage too; with families more likely to be at home keeping warm, cooking and of course enjoying those Christmas lights. Fortunately, the Anchor Pumps team have put together their top tips to help you keep... Read more

    5 Home heating myths that could be costing you money!

    Heating our homes is one of the biggest expenses that we face, so anything we can do to keep costs down is worthwhile. Controlling your system properly is the first step, yet despite the fact that heating controls are fairly simple, many people don't really understand how they work or most importantly how to use them effectively. ... Read more

    From shower pumps to leaking taps: 5 Ways You Are Wasting Water in the Home

    It becomes more apparent each day that we all need to contribute in some way to the future health of our environment. Many of the planet’s natural resources, particularly water, are being wasted in large amounts and no matter how aware of environmental issues you may be or how cost-conscious you are, you could still be wasting water in your... Read more

    Why should I invest in Rainwater Harvesting?

    Water is the most valuable natural resource on the planet! Although almost three-quarters of the globe is covered by water, the vast majority of it is unsuitable for drinking purposes or for making use of in other ways. Water that can be utilised for human benefit is often in short supply, with expensive man-made resources such as dams and reservoirs... Read more

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