Nothing beats an invigorating shower to relax aching muscles and help you to unwind. Unfortunately, many homes just don't have sufficient water pressure for a decent shower. If this is your problem, don’t despair, why not try installing a shower pump to boost your water pressure to a strong level for the perfect shower.


Choose Your Pump
In order to get the most out of your shower, you need to select the right shower pump from the wide range available. Do you need a shower pump for a negative head system or a positive head system? A twin shower or a single shower pump? Unfortunately, it is never a case of one size fits all. Take your time to find out what type of pump will suit your needs best. Read our guide to choosing the best shower pump here. 

Check Your Water Pressure
Shower pumps operate at different pressure levels. Before you install your shower, work out if there is enough pressure available from your water tank to operate the shower pump when it is turned on. If there is not, you will need a negative head system. If there is, you need a positive head system, which generally requires a minimum inlet pressure of 0.2 bar.

Position Your Pump
It is best if you can place your shower pump close to the hot and cold water storage tanks. At the same time, however, shower pumps must also be easily accessible for maintenance.

Fix the Pipework
Having selected and positioned your pump, you will then need to plumb it in. Flush all pipework through to remove any debris first of all. Shower pumps are usually supplied with cold and hot water feed pipes that lead from the pump to the cold and hot water storage tanks. Once you have fitted these pipes, connect the pipe that leads to the electricity supply.

Prime the Pump and Plumbing
Before you can use your shower, you will need to prime the pump and connecting pipework. Switch the supply of electricity off, and run a bucket of water through the hot and cold water feed pipes and the pump. Keep pouring water until it runs out clear.

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