6 Innovative People Solving Our Waste Addiction

junk yardThe average household in the UK produces more than a tonne of waste every year. Totalling a UK wide production of 31 million tonnes of waste per year, it would be fair to say that everyone in the UK has a role to play in reducing our waste. For some though, the role of reducing waste doesn’t stop at splitting the plastics from the cardboard. Across the world, a small collection of individuals are revolutionising our approach to waste. To inspire you, we’ve listed five of the most innovative individuals who are helping us deal with our waste addiction.

Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbousk

It’s a simple idea, but it is a premise that could revolutionise supermarkets. Or at least that’s the hope of two ambitious entrepreneurs in Berlin who have launched the first zero waste supermarket. Offering no packaging, plastic or the big name brands that come with it, customers are encouraged to bring their own containers as packaging. The containers are then weighed on entry and you pay using the eventual weight of the container at checkout. The hope is that customers only buy what they really need and don’t end up wasting food.

Follow Milena on Twitter here: @Milenskaya

Visit their website here: http://original-unverpackt.de/

Medha Tadpatrikar

Can plastic really be used to create fuel? Well, that’s the hope of Indian entrepreneur Medha Tadpatrikar. Kept awake at night by the 17,000 tons of plastic waste generated each day in India, Medha started experimenting with plastic in her makeshift laboratory. The experiment may have started small, but it is now processing over 220 pounds of plastic a day. The fuel that is recovered is then sold at a subsidised rate to local villages. The hope is that Medha can expand her business to over 25,000 households across India by the end of 2017 and eventually the world.

Rosa Maria Espinosa Valderman

Built to be super absorbent and highly durable, the function of a nappy makes it a nightmare for decomposition. In fact, research shows that a single modern nappy could clog up landfill space for over one hundred years. Set the task of tackling baby waste, scientist Rosa Maria Espinosa Valderman has developed an innovative technology capable of speeding up the decomposition process. Using a specially designed mushroom named lignin, the process has been shown to reduce the volume and weight of a nappy by up to 80% in 3 months. The results have only been tested in laboratories so far, but the hope is that the technology could be rolled out worldwide and could even be developed to act as a food supplement for cattle.

View her talk on reducing waste with fungi here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrpPxV1sSL0

Parans Paranthaman

Tyres are one of the most environmentally damaging consumer products available. From production to its end of life process, the tyre is highly damaging to the environment and simply does not biodegrade. Scrapped at a rate of 1.1 tyres per person per year, it’s estimated over 70 million tyres hit landfills per year in the UK. While, yes, tyres are 100% recyclable, the rate at which we use tyres and the amount of plastic that can be recovered from a tyre make it difficult for recycling plants to keep up with the demand. That is, until now. Using innovative technology, researcher Parans Paranthaman believes tyres might just find their way back into our cars, but this time under the bonnet. While the process of turning tyres into batteries for electric cars is far too complicated to explain in one blog post, the hope is that the carbon material recovered from the tyre can be used to store energy.

View his talk on tyres and energy storage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdG2Eu1LyQE

Selina Juul

Never underestimate the power of one dedicated individual. That’s the lesson we can all learn from Selina Juul. Spurred on by an unmatched passion for the environment, Selina is credited single-handedly for reducing Denmark’s food waste bill by 25% in five years. Moving to Denmark from Russia aged 13, Selina credits the collapse of communism and the consequent food shortages that followed for her dedication and determination. Her campaigning not only shamed Denmark’s supermarkets into change, but it also changed Denmark’s entire mentality towards waste. Today, Denmark is the leading country in the fight against food waste. Power to the people.

Follow her on Twitter here: @SelinaJuul

View her Ted Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6mi-ZFCprs

Andrew Turton & Pete Ceglinski

What do you do when you’re down to your last twelve dollars and living in your friends spare office? Well, begin building the first rubbish bin for the sea of course.

Impassioned by the amount of plastic waste he saw floating in the ocean while sailing around Hawaii, Turnton decided to convince Ceglinski to quit his job and invest all his life savings into a project that aims to ‘clean up the ocean’. As industrial engineers the two creatives made a working ‘Seabin’ out of nothing more than two garbage cans, a water pump and duct tape. Impressive.

So far the the pair have developed a working prototype, raised $250,000 via crowdfunding site Indie Go Go and removed over 2 tonnes of plastic from our oceans.

Turton and Ceglinski hope that over the 5 years they can receive the investment needed to expand the project worldwide and clean up our oceans one marina at a time.

Find their Indie Go Go project here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cleaning-the-oceans-one-marina-at-a-time#/

Follow the Seabin project on Twitter here: @Seabin_project

Introducing the new Grundfos SCALA2

Grundfos SCALA2

Credit: Grundfos.

We have exciting news to reveal: the new Grundfos SCALA2 is now available here at Anchor Pumps! The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved SCALA2 Grundfos pump is new product that promises to provide consistent water pressure in every tap in your house every hour of the day – this also includes when several taps/showers are running simultaneously.

The Grundfos SCALA2 offers pump, tank, motor, drive and a non-return valve all in the one place. Designed to handle automatic control to your pumping needs, this Grundfos pump can intelligently adjust its performance to affect your inlet pressure as well as the water consumption to your home simply by monitoring your usage. That’s not all though, as it also possesses a water-cooled motor – so this pump emits hardly any noise at all and is one of the quietest boosters on the market currently!

You may be wondering how they achieve this intelligent pumping controls? Well the SCALA2 is fitted with a sensor that frequently measures the discharge pressure. Therefore, if the water pressure in your home drops below what it should be, the pump will start working harder in order to compensate for the drop in pressure. So, in essence: your home will never be affected by sub-par water pressure again.

There are several benefits to the Grundfos SCALA2 that make it one of the most unique products on the market currently:

Perfect water pressure – The pumps are intelligently designed so that they can control their output based on the needs of your home.

Easy installation – Comes in a compact case that includes the pump and pump, providing the ultimate all-in-one solution.

User Friendly – the easy-to-use operating system is simple to understand so any layman can use it with relative ease.

Minimal noise – Emits low noise levels, unlike many other booster pumps on the market that make a racket.

Affordable – These pumps are perfectly affordable as well as being great value for money in the long run.

Long lasting – Has been through rigorous quality checks and needs zero maintenance, Grundfos offer a five-year warranty as standard.

Quality reliability – The pumps are protected from dry-running and possess anti-cycling technology.

While the Grundfos SCALA2 is ideal for residential buildings (as it can handle up to three floors and 8 taps), it also possesses other applications should you need them. The pump can be used for boosting from tanks – including roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks – and wells as having the ability to pump water from a depth of 8 metres.

With the Grundfos SCALA2 pump, you will never again have to worry about having to cut a shower short again just because someone else in the house is using the water. Be sure to check out the range of Grundfos Pumps on our site.

Check out this installation video provided by Grundfos:

5 Things That Could Destroy Your Home

Flood KitsOur home is our sanctuary, our place of comfort and rest, as well as the place that houses those that are most dear to us. Accordingly, we would do anything we can to protect our house. The most unnerving threats however are the ones that catch us unawares. To educate you on the lesser-known threats to our home, we have compiled a handy list of 5 things you did not know could destroy your home.

Climbing plants

Climbing plants like ivy can look very pretty at first glance, but more often than not they are causing havoc with the very foundations of your home. Through the process of biological weathering, your walls are being gradually worn away.

Climbing plants, or creepers (a name more befitting of their sinister designs on your home) grow into any cracks or gaps in your walls, making them weaker and weaker over time. If left unattended, they can cause serious structural damage that will be costly to repair.

Loose tiles and weak trees

Loose roof tiles often don’t present themselves until it’s too late. I was rudely awakened to this issue myself in recent weeks.  A single roof tile had wiggled itself loose, and Storm Doris had sent it crashing through the roof window of our bathroom. Nightmare. To make sure you don’t experience the same misfortune, it is worth pre-empting any challenge from the Great British weather by making sure all of your roof tiles are secure.

The same logic applies to any trees that are ominously looming over your home. High winds can knock over even the sturdiest looking of trees, making it imperative to trim any that appear look particularly vulnerable.

Faulty appliances

Sure, the sheer versatility of the five pronged USB charger is impressive, but it is equally adept at setting your house on fire. Often manufactured in China, where appliances are not subject to the same rigorous safety standards checks, faulty chargers can provide a serious threat to the safety of your home.

Vintage appliances can be just as threatening. Invariably made according to antiquated safety codes, vintage appliances are all too often rife with frayed or damaged wires that are just waiting to become a fire hazard.

Faulty pipes

Being oblivious to the network of pipes carrying water around your house is one of the biggest crimes homeowners can commit. The UK insurance industry pays out £2.5 million every day to repair damage caused by escape of water in the home, making it a better time than ever to invest in a flood kit.

Frozen or burst pipes are often the chief culprits. Amending any leaky taps and making sure all tanks and pipes are properly insulated should be enough to ward off any immediate threat.

The only way to safeguard your home long-term is to replace any old pipes with new ones, which also means installing new water booster pumps.


Always the unwanted visitors, pests can cause more damage than the most unruly of house guests ever could. Termites and woodworms gnaw away at the structural supports of our homes whilst nests made by wasps and bats destroy wiring and framing.

These nests thrive in small spaces and it is therefore essential to secure any such areas with hardware cloth or welded wire-fabric.

Hopefully you feel more aware of some of the more inconspicuous threats to your home and feel you are prepared to face them head on. Are there any other dangers to your home that belong on this list? Let us know!

Brand Spotlight: Varisco

Varisco PumpsAnchor Pumps are delighted to announce we have a new pump manufacturer to offer our customers: Varisco Pumps. This is exciting news indeed as Varisco are an industry leader in quality pump technology with a stellar reputation for their products as well as their excellent customer service.

Founded in 1932, the Varisco brand did not actually start their production of pumps until the year 1948 – however, the brand is now famous for their top-quality pump designs and are considered an industry leader in pump manufacturing. Their business strategy is clear: quality production and trouble-free sale of pumps for every sector; be it domestic, industrial, or public (firefighting & emergency departments).

Their success in this incredibly competitive industry can be attributed their constant striving for innovation within their pump technology, it is this dedication to continuously thinking ahead that enables them to predict what the next change in the market will be. In an industry that is constantly evolving to its customers’ needs, it pays to think far into the future.

Varisco put their money where their mouth is when it comes to making sure they stay ahead of the game in the pumping systems industry. Education is everything to them, so much so that they have created a research and development centre; that allows them to constantly study the chances in technology. For them, innovation cannot come from just having a great idea of itself, there needs to be rigorous laboratory and in-field testing involved in order to develop their pumping technology.

They also offer engineering solutions to their customers, rather than simply sell to them, it is this dedication to top notch customer service that endears them to their customers. They also provide support to customers for both pre and post sales stage of their pump purchases, which involves in-house support as well as call centres.

Here at Anchor Pumps, we stock a range of Varisco self-priming pumps (from 11/2 inches to 6 inches) that are perfect for pumping liquids that contain solids in suspension. If you are having trouble with priming, then this is the pump for you as it solves that problem with relative ease.

These pumps are surface mounted so they provide an easy installation as only the suction pipe needs to be immersed in the liquid you wish to pump. The pumps are also incredibly resistant to abrasion due to their ability to handle solids. These electric motor driven self-priming pumps are one of the very best on the market.

If you like the sound of these quality pumps, then you should check out the range that we offer you here at Anchor Pumps. Click here to view our selection of Varisco Pumps.

4 Causes of Low Water Pressure in Commercial Plumbing

Water Booster PumpsAre you a commercial organisation that needs to utilise water on a daily basis? Then you will know the issues low water pressure can cause to your business. Restaurants, gyms and hotels are businesses for which water pressure is a crucial factor; to name but a few. But what can you do if your water pressure just isn’t what it used to be? Here at Anchor Pumps, we are experts in all forms of plumbing and have a few choice tips for helping identify the problems causing low water pressure within your building.

Obstructed valves

If anyone has turned the water valves in your buildings off and on again for whatever reason, there is a chance they were not opened fully. Having a semi-open valve can cause low water pressure so make sure it is opened all the way when you check it. If for whatever reason the valve appears to be broken them call someone to fix it – do not attempt to do this yourself without proper training.


If you water pipes are damaged then this can cause leaks, which in turn will cause low water pressure as not all the water will make it to your taps/showerheads. If you think your pipes may be leaking, then an easy way to identify this is to close your main water valve and take a reading of the meter. Check back in two hours and if the figure on the meter has increased, then this is a sign that your pipes have a leak. Again, professional help will be needed in this instance.

Low power pumps

There can be two reasons for low power plumbing: either your pump is malfunctioning or it simply isn’t manufactured to be powerful enough for your needs. Regular maintenance checks are advised here to make sure your pump is working at optimum capacity, after all if it isn’t you’re wasting valuable water which is a drain on your energy costs. Installing the latest in pump technology is advisable and our range of water booster pumps are just the ticket to fix low water pressure in your plumbing.


This is probably the most common cause of low water pressure and is found often in iron pipes which are vulnerable to rusting which can cause an obstruction. Other things like dirt, gravel or sand and other naturally occurring substances can enter your pipes if there is a fracture in your water main. You can do something about this yourself by cleaning your fixtures regularly. If it still persists you may want to call in professional help to get to the root cause of the problem.

So there we have it, four of the most common sources of low water pressure in your commercial plumbing systems – be sure to check the pressure on your pipes as soon as you can.