Introducing the new Grundfos SCALA2

Grundfos SCALA2

Credit: Grundfos.

We have exciting news to reveal: the new Grundfos SCALA2 is now available here at Anchor Pumps! The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved SCALA2 Grundfos pump is new product that promises to provide consistent water pressure in every tap in your house every hour of the day – this also includes when several taps/showers are running simultaneously.

The Grundfos SCALA2 offers pump, tank, motor, drive and a non-return valve all in the one place. Designed to handle automatic control to your pumping needs, this Grundfos pump can intelligently adjust its performance to affect your inlet pressure as well as the water consumption to your home simply by monitoring your usage. That’s not all though, as it also possesses a water-cooled motor – so this pump emits hardly any noise at all and is one of the quietest boosters on the market currently!

You may be wondering how they achieve this intelligent pumping controls? Well the SCALA2 is fitted with a sensor that frequently measures the discharge pressure. Therefore, if the water pressure in your home drops below what it should be, the pump will start working harder in order to compensate for the drop in pressure. So, in essence: your home will never be affected by sub-par water pressure again.

There are several benefits to the Grundfos SCALA2 that make it one of the most unique products on the market currently:

Perfect water pressure – The pumps are intelligently designed so that they can control their output based on the needs of your home.

Easy installation – Comes in a compact case that includes the pump and pump, providing the ultimate all-in-one solution.

User Friendly – the easy-to-use operating system is simple to understand so any layman can use it with relative ease.

Minimal noise – Emits low noise levels, unlike many other booster pumps on the market that make a racket.

Affordable – These pumps are perfectly affordable as well as being great value for money in the long run.

Long lasting – Has been through rigorous quality checks and needs zero maintenance, Grundfos offer a five-year warranty as standard.

Quality reliability – The pumps are protected from dry-running and possess anti-cycling technology.

While the Grundfos SCALA2 is ideal for residential buildings (as it can handle up to three floors and 8 taps), it also possesses other applications should you need them. The pump can be used for boosting from tanks – including roof tanks, break tanks and ground tanks – and wells as having the ability to pump water from a depth of 8 metres.

With the Grundfos SCALA2 pump, you will never again have to worry about having to cut a shower short again just because someone else in the house is using the water. Be sure to check out the range of Grundfos Pumps on our site.

Check out this installation video provided by Grundfos:

Grundfos Motors Achieve World-Class Rating

grundfosSome exciting news coming from Grundfos this month: the IE5 rated MGE motors are now considered to be world class in their energy efficiency. Already an industry leader in energy efficient pump technology and performance, Grundfos are now delighted to announce that their new IE5 rated motors, offer 10% in saved energy as well as a massive 25% reduction in payback time as opposed to the older IE3 models.

Guaranteeing some of the best performing motors available on the market right now, this machinery vastly surpasses IE3 legislative demands and meets all the features of the strict standards of IE5, which is the highest energy efficiency level electrical motors can attain. All of the Grundfos MGE motors (from 0.75 kilowatts to 11 kilowatts) have achieved this IE5 efficiency status.

The secret behind these MGE motors impeccable performance is their quality artificial intelligence. Its control technology is able to adjust to the system that surrounds it and thus reduce the energy it needs to use to operate and when you combine the IE5 motor & it’s integrated frequency converter with Grundfos experience in pump motor technology, you’re sure to optimise the performance.

We at Anchor Pumps are proud to say that we stock a broad range of Grundfos pumps, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in their industry. The pumps feature unbeatable design and are outstanding features of engineering that are applicable to many applications, whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial uses.

The strength of these pumps are a key feature, as their high-grade stainless steel construction are ensured to withstand constant high usage, so they will not be damaged by issues regarding corrosion. They guarantee quality in every product that they sell, and we stock many of them, whether it be home boosters, liquid circulators or waste-water & drainage pumps, you can be assured that you are buying the best. These products are simple to maintain and install.

Grundfos are constantly pioneering new technologies, have helped a vast amount of industries and we are positive that they’re sure to continue doing so in the future.

Grundfos Raise the Bar for Efficiency with the New Alpha 3 Domestic Circulator


grundfos Alpha 3 Domestic CirculatorWith the release of the all new Alpha 3 domestic circulator, Grundfos is once again raising the bar for performance and efficiency and reminding us why they’re such a widely known, well-respected brand.

Domestic circulators have been relied upon by British homeowners to deliver hot water to their central heating systems for many years. For the majority of both installers and users, the variety of units available in the Grundfos Alpha 2 range has, and will continue to meet their needs, beautifully.

However, times are changing and although the fundamental services that a domestic circulator pump provides in terms of functionality, performance and all-round home comforts remain the same, demand for the ways in which those services are delivered is changing.

For the efficiency minded homeowner and installer alike, it is no longer sufficient to have technology that simply serves a purpose. Modern living dictates that emerging technologies offer efficiencies in terms of how it quickly they can be installed, how smoothly they operate and how much they cost to fit and run.

The all-new Alpha 3 domestic circulator pump from Grundfos ticks all those efficiency boxes.

First Class Functional Efficiency

To achieve a well-balanced indoor climate throughout a property, a domestic circulator unit is relied upon to regulate the even distribution and flow of hot water throughout various pipe systems and deliver it to radiators efficiently.

Depending on the size of a property and the age and quality of any component heating system parts, this process of equal heat distribution, known as hydronic balancing, can be a time-consuming task, or it was, until now.

When paired with the complementary, installer technologies of the Alpha reader and GO App, the Grundfos Alpha 3 is a truly state-of-the-art piece of kit that stabilises the temperature of a home environment so efficiently that it cuts the installation time in half.

Cost Efficiency

The dramatic reduction in installation time on offer means fitters are free to take on more jobs, and they can pass on the reduced labour costs to the customer so everyone’s a winner!

In the long-term, of course, it is the customer who will be most concerned with saving money and this is where the Alpha 3 really raises the bar in terms of cost efficiency.

According to OVO Energy, the cost of gas and electricity rose by 140% between 2004 and 2014. In real terms, that rise costs homeowners an extra £500 each year despite the fact that energy consumption has actually decreased during the same period.

With the value of the pound falling in the wake of the Brexit vote, some forecasters are now predicting that energy prices could rise by another 15% in the months ahead but that rise could be offset by installing a Grundfos Alpha 3.

The efficiency of this system is so good that it promises to reduce the average household heating bill by anything from 5-17%!

Efficient Installations

The Alpha 3 domestic circulator is compatible with a variety of domestic water heating systems so homeowners in almost every kind of property can benefit.

Equally suitable for upgrading the operational efficiency of an existing domestic heating system to reduce costs and improve home comforts, or for getting a brand new service up and running quickly, the Alpha 3 is designed to operate with:

– Variable or constant flow systems

– One or two pipe systems

– Underfloor heating

You can order your Grundfos Alpha 3 domestic circulator online from Anchor Pumps and enjoy a 5 year warranty and free home delivery.

Alternatively, if you’d like more information about the circulator or use of the installers Alpha reader and GO App, simply call one of our friendly and knowledgeable advisors on 0800 112 3134, today.

The cycle of water before we drink it

the water cycle

The water cycle is amazing – a combination of natural processes, human intervention and high-tech delivery that gets clean, safe drinking water to you the instant you turn the tap on.

The Natural Cycle – Evaporation to Rainfall

In the natural part of the water cycle, the water evaporates from rivers and lakes, condenses in the air and forms clouds. They drop the water as the rain we know only too well. This puts the water back into rivers, lakes and natural underground water stores known as aquifers. Some towns which lack a river or are in a dry area get most of their water from these aquifers. River water will be safe for birds, fish or other wildlife, but not for humans to drink directly.

The Human Part of the Cycle – Water Treatment

Water from rivers and aquifers is pumped out by your water company and pumped into the water treatment plant. The water varies in quality when it arrives, but all the water is put through processes to clean and filter it so that it’s safe for drinking and comes out at one uniform quality. The water companies are only authorised to draw a certain amount of water from rivers, which is why they are keen for all of us to use it wisely.

Reservoirs – Water Stores and Natural Filters

The water company may use a reservoir to store the water it has pumped before it processes it. The reservoir helps the company to even out supply and demand and deal with the vagaries of the weather. If it doesn’t rain for a while, or they have pumped as much water as they are allowed to from rivers, then they can draw on the water in the reservoir.

One advantage of reservoirs is that they are a kind of natural filter. Particles such as mud and dirt in the water sink to the bottom. That means that when the water is pumped out for treating, some of the worst dirt no longer has to be taken out.

Filtering out the Nasties

Particles need to be removed from the water, so the water company filters the water using two different kinds of filters. First, the water is pumped through a rapid gravity filter – this is a tank filled with coarse sand. Particles are trapped in the sand as the water goes through. Next, it’s filtered more slowly, using much finer sand in beds. This gets rid of the tiniest particles, and the water is now at a quality that is fit for drinking. Next, the water goes to a covered reservoir, where nothing can contaminate it.

Getting the Drinking Water to You

The water company uses its network of pipes and pumps to get the water to your street, house and tap. Despite the water being of the highest quality, most of us will use the greater part of it for baths and showers, watering the garden and washing up. This creates wastewater, which once it goes down the drain and reaches the sewers is pumped out to sewage treatment works. Once it is clean, it can be put back into the rivers, where it condenses, and we go round the whole cycle again.

Keep Pumping

You can see the way in which the water – raw, clean or dirty – is pumped around at every stage to get it to the next point in the cycle. High-quality pieces of equipment, such as Grundfos pumps, are used throughout the water treatment process. The pumps that are used in this cycle need to be able to control the flow very accurately and precisely add tiny doses of anti-bacterial and other treatments.

Reliability is extremely important, as is the fact that these pumps can be installed wet or dry – no need to drain the water storage facility to put the pump in. Low energy use is a requirement, because it has a major effect on treatment costs. And with companies like Grundfos, maintenance can be at longer intervals, because the equipment is designed to be robust.

Pumps are the heroes of the water cycle process, delivering rainfall to the water treatment works and clean water to our taps – we’d be lost (and thirsty) without them!

Check out our recent infographic to learn more about water in the UK.


7 inspiring blogs for improving your bathroom

DIY Fix It

Offering advice and information on all aspects of home improvement, this site is indispensable if you’re planning on tackling anything home-related on your own. The blog has an excellent section devoted to plumbing, with information on everything from fitting a copper pipe to how the water supply works.

Posts with practical advice covering a large selection of products also make this blog useful to consumers having trouble choosing new baths or showers or struggling with the choice between taps or mixers.



This regularly-updated, professionally-authored blog covers a wide range of questions that frequently come up when undertaking a DIY plumbing project; however, this is not all this excellent site has to offer.

You will also find beautiful ideas and inspiration for repurposing vintage and ‘found’ objects – one of the latest trends in DIY home renovation. As well as interesting designs like this DIY bathtub…

Also available is a DIY emergency plumbing guide, which it is vital to keep on hand when working to avoid a small accident turning into a flood and ruining your home. This can happen to the best of us.

bath sofa


DIY Bathroom Remodel

For everything and anything related to bathrooms, head over to the DIY Bathroom Remodel blog. Set up with the intention of inspiring outstanding design in bathroom renovations, this blog is the perfect destination to find precise tips and big ideas alike.

Areas include bathroom and tiling ideas, cabinets, lighting tips and tricks, shower concepts, and DIY plumbing how-to guides. Particularly impressive is the section dedicated to renovations in small bathrooms where space is at a premium.

All contributors are average home-owning DIYers. The basis of many of the posts is the fact that you can save money by doing the work yourself; therefore, the ideas and inspiration you will find are designed to be within reach of the average home DIYer.

DIY Bathroom Remodel

The Family Handyman

The Family Handyman is an excellent source of tips and tricks in all aspects of home improvement, especially in the realm of plumbing.

Their offering includes how-to guides for installing plumbing equipment, techniques to prevent common problems like leaks as well as straightforward money-saving techniques.

This makes it a favourite for budding DIY enthusiasts and definitely one to keep an eye on.

The Family Handyman


DIY Network

Blogs showcasing flashy, high-level design concepts are all very well, but what is the use if you do not have the skills to put your ideas into action?

This is where DIY Network comes in. Containing sections on all areas of DIY, this site is perfect for new initiates to the realm of DIY home improvement. The plumbing section is ideal for getting the basics down with guides to help you successfully complete tasks such as installing a new toilet or joining two pipes together.

Also extremely useful are the regular video guides. There is almost no excuse for anything going wrong with this blog on hand!

DIY Network


Freshome Interior Design & Architecture

Not strictly a plumbing blog, Freshome offers information, design ideas and contemporary style guides for all areas of the home.

The blog merits a mention here due to its stunning photos and the descriptions of the latest styles in bathroom design, which are invaluable to DIYers seeking to improve the aesthetic appeal of their work at home. These collections of pictures are perfect for sparking inspiration at the start of a project.

Check out Freshome to develop a truly elegant sense of design.

Freshome Interior Design

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

For more experienced DIY-ers, the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing blog offers an extensive archive of information to help you develop your knowledge.

By gaining a better understanding of how your plumbing systems function, you’ll be able to recognise problems at the earliest opportunity, helping you to save money and time.
The site is also useful for finding innovative water-saving strategies, so eco-minded DIY enthusiasts can conserve the environment as well as their hard-earned money. A great way to ensure the existing water supply is sufficient is to install a Home Booster to provide enough water to meet the demands.

Benjamin Franklin


Do you know of any excellent plumbing blogs that others could benefit from? Let us know. For those jobs that you can’t handle yourself, consult Anchor Pumps for expert advice.