With the Grundfos UPS 15-50 and UPS 15-60 now obsolete, we take a closer look at the two replacement options for these pumps…

Grundfos ALPHA2 & Grundfos UPS2

Grundfos UPS2

The Grundfos UPS 2 15-50/60 Universal Replacement Pump is a compact high efficiency EuP 2015 compliant pump, directly replacing the old  UPS 15-50 & UPS 15-60. The pump has all the advantages and energy cost savings of the most efficient, new generation of domestic central heating pumps, yet looks just the same.

The head will even fit on the body of the previous Grundfos UPS 15-50 and UPS 15-60, meaning that the pipework does not need to be disturbed – ideal for those installations where the pump unions don’t want to co-operate. All the dimensions are almost identical to the older UPS 15-50 and UPS 15-60 models, so tight fit installations shouldn’t present any problems!

The UPS2 is a modern, energy efficient and compliant solution to a failed domestic central heating pump problem.

Grundfos Alpha2

The Grundfos ALPHA2 Domestic Circulator is the most advanced Energy Efficient Domestic Circulator of its’ kind on the market today. The Grundfos Alpha2 15-50 and ALPHA2 15-60 can be fitted as a replacement pump for the UPS 15-50 and UPS 15-60, or any other manufacturer as long as the distance between pipe connections is 130mm.

The manufacturer has developed the AUTOADAPT feature allowing the pump to match its’ performance to the system requirements, helping to save energy and reducing noise when thermostatic radiator valves close down. The pump can also be set to variable speed or fixed speed operation when required. The display shows actual power usage and power on.

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5 year warranty

Did you know that both the UPS2 v Alpha2 now both 5 year warranty as standard when purchased here at Anchor Pumps! Find out more about the Anchor Pumps warranty scheme here: https://www.anchorpumps.com/offers