Month: June 2014

What is the best shower pump for under £150?

There is nothing quite as invigorating as standing under the water spray of a powerful shower. As the name suggests, your power shower should provide a much stronger water flow than a standard electric model and in order to create a strong enough water pressure to create that powerful flow, a shower pump is regularly required!

shower pump

 As the cost of pumps varies depending on make and model, it can be a tricky process deciding which one to fit into your system. Is it possible to buy a less costly pump which will do just as good a job as a more expensive model? Here at Anchor Pumps, we are often asked by our customers what we think are the best shower pumps for under the price bracket of £150. Our expert team have chosen the following models as being two of the very best in this price range!

Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar

In comparison to many other similar models, the Salamander range of pumps is known for being generally quiet in operation. As with the rest of the CT range, the CT75 pump is tough and durable and comes complete with a two-year warranty.

When considering which shower pump to buy, along with the price there are two main factors which people tend to look for — ease of installation and versatility. The Salamander CT75 meets both of these criteria. Not only is it relatively straightforward to install, but it is suitable for use in a number of different shower types, including conventional models, multi-function showers and those with Victorian can-style shower heads.

Supplied complete with anti-vibration couplers, the Salamander CT75 is quiet in operation with the minimum of pipe vibration.

 Click here to shop the Salamander CT75 Xtra 2.0 Bar – £112.00 + VAT (£134.40)

Stuart Turner ShowerMate Eco S2.0 Twin

ShowerMate Eco pumps from Stuart Turner are supplied complete with a two-year warranty that can be upgraded to a three-year period upon registration with the manufacturer.

Suitable for use in open-vented hot and cold water systems, the twin pump boosts the supply of both hot and cold water in equal measure. The Eco pump works equally well in both single-function and multi-function showers, in addition to bath or basin mixer taps.

Click here to shop the Stuart Turner ShowerMate Eco S2.0 Twin — £119.00 + VAT (142.80)

Can you recommend any other shower pumps under £150? We would love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.

The World’s Most Expensive Bathrooms

Looking for bathroom inspiration? If ultimate luxury is your goal, then check out some of these incredibly lavish bathrooms for ideas. They may be amongst the world’s most expensive and over the top, but if money were no object – we’d have a golden loo too! 

The Golden Bathroom

A Hong Kong jeweller has created an incredible £2.4 million pound bathroom in his shop crafted entirely from rare gems and gold. Every item in the bathroom, from the toilet brush to the toilet bowl, is made from 24-carat gold, and the floor and ceiling are both studded with gold bars, amber, ruby, emerald and sapphire.

expensive bathroom

The Underwater Bathroom

The Palm resort in Dubai’s Atlantis is located on an artificial island retreat named Palm Jumeriah. This incredibly luxurious destination offers super suites to its guests, which include the underwater suite named ‘Poseidon’. Here lucky holiday-makers get to enjoy their bath whilst watching 65,000 fish and marine species swimming in a vast lagoon just beyond the bathroom.

atlantis bathroom dubai

Cinderella Castle Suite — Walt Disney World

Originally built for the personal use of Walt Disney and his own family, the Cinderella Castle guest suite is located at Florida’s Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom. Today it is the suite gifted to the winners of competitions and promotions only, and isn’t available to be booked, regardless of wealth or celebrity status. The bathroom includes a multiple-jet Jacuzzi, Italian hand-crafted mosaic tiles and copper sinks fit for royalty.

worlds most expensive bathrooms

Crystal Bathtub

If you had nearly £530,000 to spend, would you consider blowing it on a crystal bathtub? Baldi, the Italian bathroom designers, carved a sizeable bathtub for three bathers using a solid lump of crystal. It was made for Harrod’s. And as incredible as it may sound, the company has already sold a similar model to a Russian billionaire. The rock took an incredible six months simply to carve.

crystal bath tub

Burj Al Arab Royal Suite

A suite at this incredible Arabian hotel costs a cool $23,000 just for the one night! The private suite has its own lift, a private dining room, a vast lounge and private cinema and a gold four-poster bed amongst other attractions. Every bedroom has its own incredible en-suite made with marble and featuring walk-in showers and spa baths.

burj al arab

For those of us who can only dream about such spending, remember that you can bring your own touch of luxury to the home with Anchor Pumps. Turn your shower in to a luxury power shower with a selection shower pumps at the right prices and with free delivery.

Anchor Pumps welcome new salamander pumps range

Here at Anchor Pumps, we are always on the look-out for the very best in pump technology to bring to our loyal customers. In order to do this, we need to ensure we are building relationships with leading brands and manufacturers, and keep our range of products as cutting edge and competitive as possible.

As part of this process, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Sunderland based pump manufacturer, Salamander Pumps to the Anchor Pumps website. Salamander specialise in the production of top quality shower pumps, placing all of its know-how into this one key area and thanks to this focused commitment, the company produces some of the very best shower pumps in the industry.

salamander logo 2

 Salamander prides itself on being a manufacturer which produces shower pumps manufactured using the majority of parts and materials sourced locally. Around 90% of the components used originate from the UK, with the rest coming from within the EU. The manufacturer, which have specialised in shower pumps for over 25 years, places emphasis on four key areas in pursuit of producing excellent pumps: quality, service, technology and value.

All of the pumps supplied by Anchor Pumps are selected to give customers the best value, and this new partnership helps to underline this commitment. The locally sourced nature of the materials means that the Sunderland manufacturer avoid import costs, which in turn results in a better value for money for our customers.

All pumps manufactured by the company are subject to stringent testing before they leave the factory, and comply with the relevant British Standard for safety. Finally, there is an ongoing drive to produce pumps that are the most efficient and quiet on the market.

Salamander Pumps Training Day

Recently the Salamander team, along with their impressive home boost demo van, travelled from Sunderland to spend the day with the Anchor Pumps tea at our offices in Warrington. Our teams enjoyed a technical training session from Big Mal himself, giving us an expert insight in to the great range of Salamander products.

With specially fitted shower pump demos fitted within the Salamander van; our teams were able to witness a range of Salamander products in action, comparing the new & improved pump ranges – which was extremely useful and will be a big help when advising our customers on the Salamander range.

View more photos from our Salamander training day on the Anchor Pumps Facebook Page. 



Free Cineworld tickets with Salamander

All Salamander pumps are now available with free delivery, and come with a pair of FREE Cineworld tickets for a limited period – find out more on the Anchor Pumps promotions page.

Click here to find out more about the new range of Salamander products at Anchor Pumps.

Q&A: How to fix a noisy shower pump

The loud and irritating noise of a shower pump that echoes throughout the house can be pretty infuriating, and we are often asked by many of our customers “How can I fix a noisy shower pump?”

To help, we’re taking a look at the reasons behind this common problem and most importantly, how to STOP the loud and irritating noise coming from your shower pump!

noisy shower pump

What causes a noisy shower pump?

Generally, the majority of shower pumps are noisy. A shower pump’s mechanism produces vibrations and this is what usually creates an unpleasant noise that can be heard when water is being run.

We have found that it is generally the cheaper pump models that cause the loudest noises – as the product is made from cheaper components that that are more likely to vibrant.

However, most of the noise that can be heard is the sound of water running through the pump.

Which shower pumps are the quietest?

Although you should expect some level of noise from your shower pump, some models ARE quieter than others. This is all down to the brand that you choose and the quality of the product. As we mentioned above, cheaper pumps are characteristically more likely to vibrant, causing a louder noise.

Many of the top shower pump manufacturers have taken numerous steps to resolve this issue for their customers, using high quality materials that offer a quieter vibration when in use. Grundfos in particular have focused on creating noise reducing products, which aim to emit an extremely low operating noise whilst still maintaining the highest performance.

Popular manufacturer Stuart Turner has also tackled this problem, designing a range of shower pumps that feature anti-vibration feet to help keep noise to a minimum.

Many of Salamanders shower pumps now also now quote ‘Quiet’ on their products, stating that their range of shower pumps are relatively quieter in operation  to other pumps on the market.

How Can I Reduce the Noise of My Shower Pump?

If you already own a shower pump and are looking for simple ways to reduce the noise, a popular solution is to mounting your pump onto a concrete block, which will help absorb the vibrations and in turn, reduce the noise.

Stuart Turner has also launched anti-vibration noise reducing pump mounting pads, which provides improved sound insulation to address the problem.  Here is a  perfect example of how the anti-vibration pads will help: “I have recently installed a shower pump which is located in the airing cupboard in a bathroom. Due to the way the airing cupboard is made, the vibration caused by the pump is causing a loud echoing noise throughout the house”. To resolve this issue, our expert team would suggest Anti-vibration pads or in some cases even concrete slabs to act as an anti-vibration pad to help reduce the noise.

Another tip is to make sure that the pipes surrounding your shower pump are fully secured and supported. This can help to limit the vibrations which can be transferred throughout your water systems.

Shop the range of shower pumps from leading brands including Grundfos, Salamander & Stuart Turner at Anchor Pumps.

Do you have any top tips for reducing noise pollution from shower pumps?
Leave your suggestions in the comments box below, we would love to hear from you….

The History of Central Heating

Central heating systems are considered an integral part of any home today! We take a look back at the journey from Hypocaust to central heating pumps, through the home heating industry’s long and interesting history…

 The first known form of centralised home heating was invented in ancient times by the Romans, known as Hypocaust and was used as long ago as 15AD. Furnaces produced hot air which passed through channels in the floor and walls to heat the home. Many remains of Roman hypocausts have survived throughout Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa and the hypocaust was an invention which not only improved the hygiene and living conditions of citizens, but was forerunner of modern central heating!

Central Heating 1
The fall of the Roman Empire saw the decline in Hypocaust, and home heating largely reverted to being handled by fireplaces in individual rooms. For well over a thousand years, central heating was almost non-existent. Occasional one-off systems would be built, but there was no industry or mass production until the 1830s when steam-based systems started to come into use.

A couple of decades later in 1855, radiators were invented in Russia by a Polish-born businessman and modern day central heating was born. Nearly 30 years later in 1883, the first electric heater was then invented by Thomas Edison, followed by the fist solar water heater in 1896.

Central Heating 2

In the late 1940s, the first direct exchange ground source heat pump, was built by Robert C Webber.

Since the middle of the 20th century, central heating has been fitted as standard in all new builds and in the developed world, homes without central heating are very rare indeed, and where they do exist they are normally historic buildings.

As we become more environmentally focused, many homeowners are turning towards alternative heating solutions to cut down costs and the all-important carbon footprint. Solar water heaters are an alternative solution and can save households between 40-50% of annual domestic hot water requirements, and could even reduce C02 emissions of the average home by up to 10%. Although environmentally sound heating solutions are now a key component for many home owners, the first ultra-low energy building was first build in Germany in 1990, and it has taken nearly 25 years for energy saving heating solutions to become a mainstream option for homes.

Central Heating 3

The technology used in modern central heating has also come a long way since that first radiator was invented in the 19th century. This is clearly demonstrated by the advanced range of domestic and industrial heating products now available from Anchor Pumps. From heating circulator pumps to home booster pumps – the team here at Anchor Pumps are happy to help with advice and guidance when it comes to purchasing the correct pump for your heating needs.