generic imager header of a salamander eve

Shower pumps can be complicated tools. Not only do you have to figure out whether you need a positive or negative pump, but you also need to work out things like:

  • “What bar pressure shower pump do I need?”
  • “Do I need a pressure vessel?”
  • “Am I boosting hot or cold shower water, or both?”

If you’re a plumber, these questions can add hours, if not days onto one job. That’s money and time out of your pocket.

Fortunately, the tech team at Salamander has set out to solve all of these problems once and for all. Introducing EVE, the latest in their innovative new shower pump range, this pump is finally the one pump that promises to fit all situations. Exclusively available online at Anchor Pumps, here’s a breakdown of EVE’s features and benefits.

One Pump Fits All

image show you that the Salamander Eve can provide 1.5 bar, 2.0 bar and 3.0 worth of pressure

Find it tricky deciding which pressure shower pump is suitable for a particular shower? Worry no more. With the Salamander EVE, you can seamlessly flick between 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 bar pressure at the touch of the button. Yes, this clever new setting allows you to easily test, try and find the ideal pressure setting for your shower without any of the complexity.

Maintains Pressure Under Increasing Demand

image showing you that the salamander can provide continuous pressure under increasing demand

The EVE has a new, clever variable speed motor that can adjust its performance to meet demand. For example, let’s say you’re in the shower, your husband is washing the pots, your daughter is using the downstairs toilet and your son is filling up water balloons. Usually, you’d expect to lose some of your water pressure with multiple outlets in use. However, the EVE will automatically increase the speed of the motor to maintain the same water pressure at all outlets.

No Pressure Vessel Required

Ever find yourself wishing that a pump could fit into both positive and negative head situations without the need for a pressure vessel? Well, with the EVE, your wish is granted. This pump will work with any type of gravity-fed system. This will reduce pump maintenance and make installation far easier and straightforward.

Super Quiet Brass Components

Salamander is renowned for its noise-reducing technology. In fact, we found the Salamander CT Force to be the quietest shower pump on the market. Once again, Salamander has pulled out all the stops to ensure the EVE is one of the quietest pumps in its range. First, the pump is built with pure brass connections. This will reduce the chance of threading and also reduce overall house noise. The pump is also supplied with Salamander’s patented noise-reducing feet and hoses. Together, these will reduce vibrations and noise drawn into the pipes. Overall, we expect this to be one of the quietest pumps on the market.

Innovative Crossover Tech

To top things off, the EVE also comes installed with Salamander’s new crossover technology. This allows the pump to boost both hot and cold water at the same time, while also allowing you to boost each supply independently, if required. This is possible due to the cleverly placed bypass tube which allows for pressure to be relieved in situations where only one side of the pump is supplying water. This will stop the pump from overheating and reduce the number of mechanical issues we see in other pumps.


  • This pump is the most versatile on the market. Finally, one pump that will work in multiple installations.
  • A truly universal pump. There is no need for a pressure vessel, which will reduce the need for maintenance and make it easier to install due to the reduced size.
  • Flatline performance. This pump has a variable speed motor that will increase speed when there is increased demand.
  • Brass components. No more worrying about accidentally threading plastic components. Brass also significantly reduces noise.