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    The Complete Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

    Let’s be honest, rainwater harvesting can sound like a bit of an absurd concept in the UK. It rains at least half the year and it’s not like we have the severe summer droughts of the Australian outback. Yet even if it does seem a little silly there are some very good reasons to install a rainwater system, even... Read more

    How Much Are Home Improvements? Depends Who You Are…

    Many of us rely on tradesmen to help us build our dream homes, whether that be building a new conservatory, painting and decorating or fitting a new bathroom. Lots of us are clueless when it comes to understanding what’s involved in the work we ask our tradesmen to do, meaning we readily accept their quotes. So, do quotations really... Read more

    Common central heating pump problems

    The central heating pump is the beating heart of your central heating system. You can find out more about boilers and central heating systems here. But how do you prevent problems from occurring, and how do you deal with them if they do? Always disconnect the pump from the electricity supply before inspection, carrying out repairs or attempting a... Read more

    Common Water Leaks in the home!

    Water leaks in the home can be from a variety of sources, from dripping taps to leaking toilets. Water leaks can be costly, so looking after your heating and water system correctly should be a priority. Many properties use macerating pumps such as the Saniplus. These should be regularly maintained to avoid any leakages. Even if a leak is... Read more

    The disturbing effects of water pollution and how you can help!

    Water pollution is a problem the world over, and its effects can have a detrimental impact on the environment and our health. There are lots of ways that water pollution can be reduced, by making changes to the products we use, and how we dispose of them. Making use of water treatment systems, domestically and industrially, such as Grundfos pumps... Read more

    The cycle of water before we drink it

    The water cycle is amazing - a combination of natural processes, human intervention and high-tech delivery that gets clean, safe drinking water to you the instant you turn the tap on. The Natural Cycle - Evaporation to Rainfall In the natural part of the water cycle, the water evaporates from rivers and lakes, condenses in the air and forms clouds... Read more

    UK Water Quality... The Good, The Bad & The Dirty!

    August is National Water Quality month and to mark the occasion we have researched and put together this infographic highlighting everything you need to know about UK water supply - whether you are looking for a new home, business location or are simply curious about the water in your area, this eye opening stats and figures could potentially help you... Read more

    Blocked Drains: Problems With Drainage In Your Home

    One of the most common problems faced by householders is blocked drains. These can lead to all kinds of issues from unpleasant smells to, at worst, flooding of your property. While some drain problems can be easy to fix, others need the help of a professional. Here are some top tips to help you identify and deal with drain... Read more

    Where in the UK has the best water supply?

    How much do you know about tap water in the UK? Our guide will get you up to speed and help you to think more about the pure stuff that flows out of your taps. The Best-Tasting Tap Water? Severn Trent is the utility firm that products the best-tasting tap water in the UK, as rated by a panel of... Read more

    What causes Water Hammer & how to eliminate it

    Many of us have experienced banging pipes when a tap is turned off. This is usually caused by a mains pressure system which is at high pressure. Fast-acting valves causing banging. Alternatively, the cause can be fast-acting valves on appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers. These valves suddenly stop the water that is moving along the pipes. A... Read more

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