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    The Complete Guide to Floods

    Once called “once in a thousand year” events, flooding in the UK is quickly becoming quite common. While responsibility for what is causing the common occurrence of flooding varies between warmer winters generating higher levels of precipitation and councils not properly considering floodplains when granting planning permission for new builds, the reality in Britain today is that flooding can happen... Read more

    UK Flooding Advice: Do you live in an at risk area?

      Every year we seem to see dozens of stories on the news about homes being flooded across the globe. And it seems to be becoming more and more frequent with climate change marching ever onwards. Here in the UK, thousands of homes are flooded almost every year, with some people facing having their houses and businesses devastated... Read more

    Protect Your Business From Flooding Damage this Winter

    The last couple of winters have seen the UK hit by a series of powerful storms and floods - so much so that the Met Office decided to adopt the American tradition of giving each storm a human name to increase awareness and preparedness. Giving a storm an approachable name like ‘Frank’ or ‘Imogen’ doesn’t reduce the devastation and destruction... Read more

    Going on Holiday? Make sure you home is protected!

    If you’re going away on holiday, whether for a long weekend or for several weeks, it’s important to take steps to look after your home protect it from problems and make sure that you won’t be facing a disaster on your return. There are many things to consider when leaving your home unoccupied. Here are a few of the... Read more

    KSB Launch New Range of Energy Efficient Submersible Borehole Pumps

    KSB Pumps have specialised in the production of water pumps, valves and systems for over 140 years and their products and services keep the world’s domestic, commercial and industrial water supplies running. With more than 80 years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of borehole pumps alone, KSB are a world-leader in waste water management systems and can... Read more

    Why you need a submersible pump this flooding season

    January can bring increased risk of flooding in many areas of the country. Heavy rains and melting snow can lead to waterlogged ground and swollen rivers, making floods a real worry for many, especially those on flood plains or other areas that are prone to problems. As a householder, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. From submersible pumps... Read more

    Summer Flooding Tips to Protect your Home from Floods

      More than five million people in Britain live with the imminent danger of being flooded from the sea or rivers. The risk of urban floods caused by extreme rainfall or poor drainage is also a risk for many. Here are a few simple steps that will protect your home from the worst of flooding. Firstly... Read more

    8 Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter!

    As the temperature dips, frozen water pipes can be an inconvenient and costly to repair! To avoid any disasters in the form of a burst pipe, the team here at Anchor Pumps have put together 8 top tips to keep your pipes in one piece and thaw those that are already frozen throughout the cold winter months; ... Read more

    Winter flooding guide - From protecting your pipes to submersible pumps

    The clocks have gone back which means winter is officially here! As the cold weather arrives, the danger of flooding re-appears for many in the UK. Last winter, we saw a mass of destruction due to heavy rainfall and rising water levels, causing extreme damage for many home owners. To ensure that effective flood protection measures are put in place... Read more

    Top 5 Best Selling Drainage Pumps

    Here at Anchor Pumps, we stock a wide selection of drainage pumps from a choice of leading brands. To help you narrow down your buying decision, we take a closer look at the 5 bestselling drainage pumps sold last month here at Anchor Pumps, from key manufacturers ABS & Grundfos. 1) ABS Robusta 200TS As the name suggests, this... Read more

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