If your home has a basement, it will most certainly require a sump pump. Sump pumps, or submersible pumps, are pumps that drain water build-up within the basement. Many homeowners store a number of valuables in their basement, however due to how frequently a basement can flood, it is important to take effective measures and install a submersible pump to prevent belongings becoming damaged by water build-up.

Grundfos Unilift KP pumps are one example of submersible pumps that will prevent basement flooding. Most basements have a ‘sump pit’ which is where water gathers – this could either be due to the basement being below the home’s water table or the build-up of water could also be caused by the home’s foundation drainage system.

A sump pit should be emptied regularly to prevent overflowing – and that’s exactly where submersible pumps come in. Installed inside your home’s sump pit, sump pumps come fully equipped with a float which is placed into the sump pit. Once the float rises above a certain level, the submersible pump is automatically switched on – the pump will then drain out the water from the sump pit to prevent flooding.

An essential pump for keeping your basement dry, the benefit of submersible pumps such as Grundfos Unilift KP Pumps is that they feature a hermetically sealed design along with watertight gaskets – this prevents water from entering the housing of the pump so that there are no leaks or damage to the electrical components.

As well as protecting your home and basement from flooding, other advantages of submersible pumps include:

Maximises your home’s property value
Controls the dampness and humidity of the basement – keeping the area warm and dry
Lowers the risk of mould and mildew
Avoids water damage on furniture and belongings
Prevents rush and corrosion damage on metal appliances

If your home is prone to flooding or has a basement, discover the benefits of submersible pumps for yourself by buying Grundfos pumps such as Unilift KP submersible pumps online at Anchor Pumps.