There are a number of problems that people experience with their central heating systems, especially after a long, cold winter.

Seven problems stand out as particularly widespread, but share just three root causes:

Central Heating

Pump Problems
The following issues can frequently be caused by problems with your central heating pump:

• Humming from radiators
• Radiators cold upstairs but hot downstairs
• Radiators cold downstairs but hot upstairs

If your radiator is humming, then it is likely that your central heating pump is just running too fast and needs a little adjustment. However, if your radiators are cold on one floor and working fine elsewhere, this suggests that your central heating pump is not powerful enough to properly circulate water fully around your home. In this case, it might be necessary to replace your pump with a more powerful model. A wide range of pumps from major manufacturers such as Grundfos and Stuart Turner can be sourced from Anchor Pumps.

Something in the System
Whether it’s trapped air or rust, having ‘something’ in the heating system can often cause the following problems:

• Radiators cold at the top or in patches
• Individual radiators not working

If your radiators are cold at the top, the chances are the 'something' is simply just air, which can be solved by bleeding the radiators. If they are cold elsewhere or not working, this can mean that sludge, rust or scale is obstructing the flow of water. Try flushing your radiator to clear the system.

Pipes Rubbing
The following problems can often by caused by pipework rubbing against walls, floor joists and the like:

• Banging or hammering sounds
• Creaking radiators

As the system heats up and cools down, pipes can expand and contract. This can cause them to rub if they do not have sufficient clearance, and this causes noises which travel along the pipes and are emitted at your radiator. Widen notches in joists to deal with this, but do not cut underneath the pipe as this will reduce support.